Corporate Responsibility Report 2019

Terveystalo Corporate Resbonsibility Report 2019

Corporate responsibility Report

Terveystalon Annual Review 2019

Annual Review

Terveystalo Quality Book 019

Quality Book


Sustainability is central to our operations

Sustainable operations are a core value for Terveystalo. In addition to creating financial additional value for society, we also want to promote the health and wellbeing of our customers and personnel. We take responsibility for the environment by ensuring that our services are produced in a sustainable manner and by taking action against climate change.

In 2019, we detailed our progress in our first sustainability report, which was produced in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We hope you enjoy reading more about our work.

2019 achievements


of employees satisfied with Terveystalo as a workplace

We published our carbon footprint


NPS for appointments

We updated our Code of Conduct

In 2019, we defined our material aspects of sustainability in collaboration with the representatives of key stakeholders.

Material aspects of sustainability - Open the sustainability matrix as a picture here

We are committed to high quality and development work

At Terveystalo, we are committed to the high quality and continuous development of our operations. We want to offer superior service experiences to our customers and the best possible working conditions for our personnel.

Everything we do is guided by our quality triangle: experienced, clinical and operational quality.

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Terveystalo Code of Conduct

Code of conduct

Terveystalo’s own Code of Conduct provide the umbrella guidelines to which all employees must adhere.

Terveystalo Supplier code of conduct

Supplier code of conduct

We ensure the sustainable conduct of our suppliers by enforcing our Supplier Code of Conduct.