Työterveyden digitaaliset ratkaisut yrityksille ja organisaatioille.
Occupational healthcare

Digital services

Terveystalo has Finland’s most comprehensive perspective on employee well-being and the factors that affect work ability. With the help of this information, we support your company in the management of employee work ability, anticipate risks and create ways in which we can work together to build healthy work communities from healthy employees and successful companies from healthy work communities. Our digital services provide you with comprehensive information on your employees’ health, helping you make the right moves to build your company’s success and well-being.

Proactive, smooth and effective work ability management

We're here to work with you to find the most researched and proactive solutions for your organisation. Our digital solutions, Suunta and Sirius, put all the information at your service, so that together we can understand what matters most for the health and well-being of your organisation and your employees. With data and predictive metrics, we can focus attention where the greatest impact can be achieved.

A healthy workplace is not created by chance, but through planning. This requires information to support the management of employee work ability, anticipate risks and create ways in which we can work together to build healthy work communities from healthy employees and successful companies from healthy work communities.

A healthy and well-being employee

Intelligent systems support the work of medical professionals. Next-generation technology predicts early risks of reduced work ability, enabling even earlier and more targeted support for maintaining work ability.

We are investing in preventive disability support and pioneering digital solutions. The award-winning Terveystalo app brings your employee quick treatment, regardless of time and place. Remote access is safe and easy. More than half of Finns already use Terveystalo's digital services; the mobile app and web service have more than 2.7 million users.

We are constantly developing our services and innovative medical solutions. We have introduced the Symptom Assessment tool, which guides the occupational health client to the right specialist, in the right channel and at the right time.

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