Stakeholder engagement

Terveystalo’s role in society means that the company has several stakeholders with whom it engages in active dialogue. In addition to customers, personnel, private practitioners and shareholders, the key stakeholders include the authorities and societal decision-makers that influence the legislation governing the industry and the drafting of that legislation. Other key stakeholders include the supervisory authorities and the media. Terveystalo also engages in close interaction with lobbyists within the sector. Open dialogue and effective cooperation enable a more predictable operating environment for all parties. The adjacent table describes Terveystalo’s engagement with various stakeholders.


Stakeholder group Stakeholder expectations Terveystalo's response to the expectations Channels of engagement
Customers Competitive and responsibly produced high-quality services. Terveystalo continued to develop its services in a number of different areas and sought to respond to the growing demand by, for example, recruiting new professionals and further increasing its digital service offering by developing a new symptom assessment tool for occupational health customers, among other things. Customer satisfaction was measured regularly and in a diverse manner, and the collection of specialist-specific customer feedback was expanded.   Physical and digital encounters with customers, online services, feedback surveys and channels, marketing communication, social media.  
Personnel and private practitioners Responsible management, smooth interaction, equality, a good working atmosphere and working conditions, development of competence, competitive pay.

Terveystalo renewed its operating model and, effective from the beginning of 2023, transitioned to a three-business area model, with the operations being divided into Healthcare Services, Portfolio Businesses and Sweden. In the autumn of 2023, the operations and management of Healthcare Services were further clarified by bringing the commercial organisation and the medical clinic network under one Business Director and by streamlining regional management structures. The changes were aimed at achieving even clearer roles and responsibilities, a management structure that supports smooth operations, and more consistent operating models.

The development of tools and processes to make work smoother continued. New professionals were recruited to meet the growing demand. The training of professionals and the training offering were developed and diversified further.

Current issues were actively communicated to the personnel, including the progress of the profit improvement program and related measures.

Personnel forum, shop stewards, employee representatives and the health and safety representative, personnel satisfaction surveys, development discussions, discussions with private practitioners, personal interaction, intranet, newsletters, training, webinars, seminars and other events.

Shareholders In addition to creating financial additional value, open communication about the implementation of the growth strategy and financial performance, responsible business.

Terveystalo engaged in active communication with shareholders and investors on key issues related to the strategy, business development, challenges in the difficult market environment and measures to improve profitability. Terveystalo organised a Capital Markets Day event in May 2023. At the event, Terveystalo’s strategy and future plans were discussed. 

Terveystalo participated in several ESG surveys that serve responsible investing. Terveystalo announced a sustainability-linked financing framework.

 Open and active dialogue; regular and continuous reporting with stock exchange releases and reports, personal communication channels, such as meetings with investors and analysts, Annual General Meeting, Capital Markets Days and other events. Investor Relations function coordinates interaction with investors, aiming to ensure equal opportunities to receive information and meet with the company management.  
The authorities and decision-makers Good cooperation and open disclosure of information and interaction to facilitate the preparation of decisions. The development and renewal of healthcare is a shared goal for Terveystalo, the authorities and decision-makers.   Terveystalo engaged in open dialogue on topics related to the industry.   Open dialogue, meetings and communication in various working groups and events, for example.  


Key memberships in organizations and advocacy organizations

Terveystalo' s representatives work in several organizations. The most significant of these are listed below.
• The Confederation of Finnish Enterprises
• Central Chamber of Commerce
• Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce
• The Finnish Association of Private Care Providers HALI ry
• The Association of Finnish Private Healthcare Providers
• Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY
• FIBS ry