Work ability management

Mental well-being is an important aspect of work ability management

Sickness absences and work ability risks caused by mental well-being problems have been increasing for several years now. At the same time, the proportion of people receiving mental health rehabilitation has increased and mental health disorders have become the most common reason for transferring to a disability pension. In 2021, mental health reasons covered about a third of all occupational pension rehabilitation and disability pension decisions. With this in mind, it is increasingly important for employers to look after the mental well-being of employees in order to maintain the work ability of the individual employees and the workplace community as a whole. Our occupational health team and occupational well-being services support you in work ability management related to mental well-being.

Anticipate work ability risks

  • Mental well-being problems can reduce the work ability of employees and the workplace community and their ability to cope with the demands of work. It is important for supervisors to identify the psychosocial stress factors affecting employees and anticipate the related risks.
  • Supervisors also need to keep track of employees’ sickness absences related to mental health. In the case of extended or frequent absences, the supervisor and employee should discuss what kind of support could benefit the employee.
  • With the support of Terveystalo’s occupational health team and intelligent technology systems designed to aid healthcare professionals, you can keep an eye on predictive signals. Supervisors are provided with data on cognitive load and risks identified on the basis of a health survey, for example.

Manage the mental well-being of your employees

  • It is important for supervisors to determine the psychosocial stress factors of each job and respond to them appropriately. Work, the efficiency of work and supervisory work should be actively managed and developed.
  • It is important to focus on interaction and the atmosphere of the workplace community. Supervisors should encourage employees to highlight problems and resolve any conflicts.
  • Not every employee has the same level of work ability. For example, it is important to find suitable tasks for partially disabled employees. When challenges related to work ability emerge, the supervisor should work together with the HR department and the occupational health team to find solutions.
  • You do not need to be left to your own devices when it comes to managing your employees’ mental well-being; Terveystalo’s highly capable occupational health teams are here to help.

Measurement and monitoring to support your occupational health

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