Terveystalo’s strategy

Terveystalo’s purpose is to fight for a healthier life.

Our strategy is to deliver integrated, data-driven outpatient and preventive care with best-in-class care outcomes and people experience.

We target industry-leading profitability and net positive societal impact.

We are building our future competitive advantage on three pillars:
1. Integrated care
2. The best workplace for professionals
3. Digital solutions

Terveystalo operations are divided into three segments. Each business segment has their own strategic targets:

In Healthcare services, the target is to achieve industry leading profitability by improving pricing and commercial execution, focusing on integrated care to optimise outcomes and maximise value capture, using digital solutions to drive efficiency, productivity, and care continuity, attracting and retaining top talent, and maximising professional’s patient-facing time through smart tools and processes.

In Portfolio businesses, the target is to improve independent value creation by optimising the value of each business.

In Sweden, the focus is on margin uplift and expanding into healthcare services, after the successful expansion within occupational health.

  • annual revenue growth of at least 5 percent through organic growth and acquisitions
  • an adjusted EBITA margin of at least 12 percent in 2025
  • net debt/adjusted EBITDA ratio of 3.5x or less
    However, indebtedness may temporarily exceed the target level, such as in conjunction with acquisitions.
  • to distribute a minimum of 40 percent of net profit as dividends annually
    However, the dividend proposal must consider Terveystalo’s long-term development potential and financial position.

During the fourth quarter of 2022, Terveystalo launched a profit improvement program, which aims for an inflation-adjusted, annualized (run-rate) EBITA improvement of at least EUR 50 million by the end of 2024. The measures under the program have focused on growth and efficiency. We have strengthened growth by improving commercial operations, enhancing recruitment and retention of professionals and optimising resource planning. Efficiency has been strengthened by improving customer and care paths, optimising the physical network and procurement, improving productivity and simplifying
the operating model. The program exceeded its initial target ahead of schedule and achieved a run-rate profit improvement of EUR 60 million in 2023. The adjusted EBITA impact for 2023 was EUR 37 million.

Starting from 1 January 2023, Terveystalo Group comprises three reporting segments: Healthcare Services, Portfolio Businesses, and Sweden.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services – business segment offers customers in Finland integrated care paths from preventive occupational health services to primary care services and to different fields of specialized care, diagnostic, and day surgery. In Healthcare Services, Terveystalo aims for industry-leading profitability and the best care outcomes.

Portfolio Businesses

The Portfolio Businesses segment consists of business areas that aim for independent value creation utilising Terveystalo’s capabilities according to their needs. Portfolio Businesses include public sector outsourcing, staffing services, and dental care, as well as other businesses such as public sector digital services, rehabilitation, child welfare, and massage services, as well as interpretation services.


The Sweden segment consists of Feelgood subsidiaries’ operations in Sweden, which are focused on occupational health and consultation for organizational management and harmful use. In Sweden, Terveystalo aims for profitable growth in the medium and long term.