Quality and sustainability

Terveystalo and sustainability

Sustainability is a core value for Terveystalo. We promote the health and well-being of our customers and build humanely efficient work communities. We have a positive impact on society and promote ethical business practices in our value chain. We also minimise our environmental impacts in all of our operations. Our sustainability efforts are guided by Terveystalo’s Code of Conduct, our common values and strategic goals, as well as the material themes of sustainability we have identified. We regularly monitor the results of our sustainability efforts.

Terveystalo’s sustainability themes

Terveystalo’s material sustainability themes are related to Terveystalo’s customers, personnel and ethical business. They are part of Terveystalo’s strategy, which aims to produce data-driven integrated healthcare and ensure the most effective prevention and care as well as the best customer and professional experience. Terveystalo also promotes sustainable consumption and climate action and for the sake of transparency and the continuity of reporting, continues to report key information on its environmental impacts in the Sustainable consumption and climate action -section Terveystalo is committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative and has selected the most important UN Sustainable Development Goals that are linked to Terveystalo’s sustainability themes.  

We produce data-driven integrated healthcare and ensure the most effective prevention and care. Integrated care enables us to combine various aspects of healthcare into an effective whole. All members of our personnel are responsible for ensuring that our customers receive appropriate, high-quality and safe care. We aim to stand out by providing an outstanding experience in all customer encounters, regardless of the channel. We develop our operations by listening to our customers and utilising new technology. We continuously measure the benefit to the customer and the effectiveness of care.  

At Terveystalo, our mission is to fight for a healthier life. We are building a humanely efficient workplace where professionals can focus on what matters the most - meeting the customer. We want to ensure that professionals want to work for us, are committed to us and can focus on what matters.

Operating ethically and responsibly is an integral element of Terveystalo’s values and strategy. Terveystalo’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct provide a framework that helps us ensure that we act in accordance with our values and internal guidelines as well as applicable laws. They support a company culture that takes ethical perspectives into account and combines high work ethic, professionalism, solution-oriented cooperation and the pursuit of measurable impact in everything we do. Responsible business is also financially profitable and sustainable.  

We are committed to the targets agreed upon in international climate summits for the mitigation of climate change. Our goal is zero emissions from our own operations in 2030. We will achieve this by promoting the use of zero-emission energy and transport. We promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in our supply chains by minimising the generation of waste in all of our operations and forwarding all waste to be recovered. Our digital services enable us to simultaneously improve access to care and reduce the emissions generated by unnecessary travel.

Our key commitments and sustainability indices

Terveystalo has published its sustainability commitments and is committed to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, according to which Terveystalo promotes health and well-being, human rights, labour rights, environmental action and anti-corruption efforts.

Terveystalo has the ISS ESG Prime sustainability rating. This means that Terveystalo meets the high sustainability standards of ISS ESG in its industry and is in the top 10% globally in the ISS ESG Prime rating framework. Terveystalo’s scores were better than average particularly in the areas of quality, patient safety, employee relations, and the working environment.

In 2021, Terveystalo received a rating of AA+ (Excellent+) in the Upright Project’s assessment of the company’s net impact on society. Net impact refers to the difference between positive and negative impacts that is the comprehensive net value creation of companies.

Terveystalo is a member of the Finnish corporate responsibility network FIBS and an official partner of Helsinki Pride.

In 2023, Terveystalo completed the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) comprehensive climate assessment for the third time and was awarded a rating of C.


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