Terveystalo is Finland's digital health champion 2024

The Finnish Digital Leaders 2024 study assesses the digital competitiveness of 65 large Finnish companies from the perspective of customer experience in electronic channels. This year, Terveystalo was the best performing healthcare company in the survey.

According to the survey, the digital capabilities of the healthcare sector increased from last year, but there is still a long way to go to catch up with the leaders in other industries. Terveystalo outperformed its competitors, especially thanks to its e-commerce and strong digital customer relationship management.

The customer has been at the heart of our digital development from the beginning and we are at the forefront of our industry in developing technology to improve the value our customers experience and modernise healthcare. All of this is reflected in the fact that we were ranked as the digital leader in our industry in BearingPoint's survey," says Ilari Richardt, Director of Digital Services at Terveystalo.

According to the survey, our industry strengths included website usability, user-friendly privacy settings and mobile apps.

More than 2.7 million Finns have already registered for Terveystalo's digital services and our record high customer satisfaction shows that our customers are getting help from our services. Last year, we digitised several medical care pathways to ensure the best possible customer experience and continuity of care, regardless of the channel. At the same time, high customer satisfaction is a reflection of the fact that our health business owners can focus on what matters most - meeting our customers across all channels.

Last year, we also introduced a symptom assessment tool for our occupational health customers in the Terveystalo app, which directs our customers to the right specialist, in the right channel and at the right time. The tool has received excellent reviews from our customers.

Terveystalo also stood out from the competition thanks to its versatile and fast customer service

Of all the companies surveyed, Terveystalo was the only one to offer a wide range of digital customer service channels. Live chat and chatbots, for example, are not implemented by all operators in the sector. In the comparison, Terveystalo's speed of service was its strong point, as the chat service provided access to customer service in less than a minute.

– Terveystalo's customer service and professionals can be contacted quickly and respond to our customers' concerns around the clock. We have also reached record highs in our own customer satisfaction measurements," says Richardt.

This year, responsibility was highlighted in the survey in the content of the health sector

Terveystalo has been reporting on its sustainability work for almost 10 years, first in its Quality and Sustainability Booklet, then in the Sustainability Report and now as part of the Annual Report. The survey found that in the healthcare sector, too, corporate responsibility and sustainability themes were more prominently featured on the website this year.

This is a welcome development. By reporting openly on our own quality and sustainability work, we have wanted to encourage other actors in the sector to develop and innovate," says Kati Kaksonen, VP of Communications and Sustainability at Terveystalo.