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Ihmisiä palaverissa toimistolla Article

No amount of therapy is enough if the work-related causes are not resolved

For work to produce well-being for its creators, the work community must be taken care of. Sari Nuikki, senior occupational health psychologist at Terveystalo, explains what supervisors can do to ensure a healthy working life.

Töitä tehdään yhdessä tietokoneella Article

Mental ill-health is rapidly increasing in working life - early intervention is part of a strong corporate culture

Sick leave and disability caused by mental health problems have increased rapidly. It is becoming increasingly important for employers to take preventive action to take care of the mental health of their employees.

Iäkäs nainen ja nuori mies työpaikalla Article

What should employers take into account regarding the 1.6.2023 upcoming updates to the Occupational Safety and Health Act?

With the update of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, workplaces will have to assess workload factors more systematically from the beginning of June. The update clarifies the employer's duty of care by specifying which types of psychosocial work stress factors the employer must take into account. In order to make working life more sustainable, the update pays particular attention to psychosocial stress factors that are a risk factor for work-related fatigue, such as job content, work organisation and the social functioning of the work community. The law also takes a stand on employers' obligations to take measures to promote longer careers and better job satisfaction.

Young man in brief psychotherapy session Article

Technology company Murata cut mental health related sick leave to nearly halve

At Murata, a company that develops and manufactures sensor technology and employs more than 1,000 people in Vantaa, mental health-related sick leave was on the rise, accounting for almost a quarter of all absences in 2020. The growing risk of work-related mental health problems was addressed together with occupational health, and in summer 2021 Murata introduced low-threshold mental health services and the possibility of brief psychotherapy at its occupational health clinic in Terveystalo. Since the introduction of these services, the number of absences due to mental health reasons has fallen by 40%. A similar saving in imputed costs has also been achieved.

Digihoitaja Terveystalossa Article

In remote nurse service, care pathways support patient problem solving

In a nurse's remote service, known at Terveystalo as the Digital nurse service, the nurse aims to help the client immediately by assessing the care the employee needs and its urgency, providing symptomatic care, home care instructions and, if necessary, an absence recommendation. During the early spring, the resolution rate of contacts with the Digital nurse service and the effectiveness of care has increased further with the introduction of care pathways based on current care recommendations.

Lyhytpsykoterapiaa Terveystalossa Article

Low-threshold mental health services for better work ability

Mental health absenteeism among staff in the ELY Centres, TE Offices and KEHA Centre had increased and there was a need to address this risk quickly. Solutions to manage the mental stress of staff were sought through low-threshold mental wellbeing services and brief psychotherapy in occupational health, and the importance of mental wellbeing was emphasised internally in the organisational culture. Low-threshold wellbeing services are now well established, easy to find and with positive user experiences. In addition, there was a significant reduction in psychological symptoms among participants in brief psychotherapy and a corresponding increase in perceived psychological well-being.

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