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Occupational healthcare

Terveystalo’s cooperation model for occupational health

Well-being and health have been shown to have a strong correlation to motivation, concentration, commitment, productivity and, ultimately, a company’s success. A work community with genuine well-being takes every health-related dimension into account, ranging from a safe work environment to active leadership and a supportive work community. We have built a cooperation model that supports the development of a workplace of comprehensive health, safety and well-being.

Healthy Workplace™ – a new perspective on occupational healthcare cooperation

Healthy Workplace™ is a concept and a model. In a Healthy Workplace™, work promotes health and healthy people help the organization do well. They work together toward common goals and deliver results. They are motivated and committed. At a Healthy Workplace™, work is safe, streamlined and productive. The organization culture is healthy and the atmosphere is good. The leaders know how to lead. The amount and cost of work left undone are reduced. A healthy organization is a desired partner and an attractive employer. It is able to cherry-pick the best. A Healthy Workplace™ calls for determined cooperation between the customer and Terveystalo. The goal is worth the effort: Striving for a Healthy Workplace™ creates a positive win-win cycle.

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