Achievement of sustainable development goals

We have analyzed our operations and business strategy in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by considering our positive and negative impacts. From among the 17 goals and 169 targets, we selected and prioritized the ones that are most essential for us and we commit to promoting in our operations. We actively promote eight sustainable development goals.

Good health and well-being

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This is our most important sustainable development goal. We have a significant opportunity to contribute to people’s health and holistic well-being. In ensuring comprehensive health care, we have a positive impact larger than our size. Possible negative effects may be due, for example, to excessive or unnecessary prescription of drugs. We systematically aim to reduce this kind of practice through our clinical quality efforts. Read more.

Decent work and economic growth

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We have plenty of direct positive effects on this goal through, for example, economic growth, innovations that improve profitability and job creation. We are a strong enabler as a provider of occupational health services that maintain and improve the work ability of our customers. Our growth improves people’s well-being without risking natural resources. Read more.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Health care is an essential part of infrastructure. We have invested in the development of the quality and effectiveness of the care we provide, as well as innovations that improve the availability of care. Our biobank supports scientific research.

Partnership for the goals

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We produce health care services cost-effectively in close cooperation with the public sector. Public partnerships represent one third of our business.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

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We uphold the principles of transparency, justice and good governance. As a member, we have committed to promoting the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative. We accomplish this with the help our Code of Conduct and training. Read more.


Quality education

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We train our professionals and engage in research and education cooperation with several universities. Our trainee programs also promote youth employment. Read more.

Responsible consumption and climate action

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We transparently report on our climate impacts. We are committed to the targets agreed upon in international climate summits for the mitigation of climate change. We reduce the emissions arising from our operations by increasingly shifting to green electricity and preferring vehicles with low emissions. We promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in our supply chains by reducing plastic consumption, recycling, increasing the efficiency of material management and reducing the number of small orders. Promoting the use of digital health services in society helps to reduce emissions from unnecessary travel.