Terveystalo Annual Review 2017

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Terveystalo Plc Annual Review 2017

Terveystalo Plc Financial Statement 2017

Auditor's Report

We promote the health of Finns

Private healthcare has a vital role in society, supplementing public services. Terveystalo actively cooperates with other social operators to promote the wellbeing of Finns and to resolve healthcare-related challenges. Our customer-oriented high-quality services promote the health of Finns and, thereby, the wellbeing of Finnish society as a whole.

We introduce new, cost-effective practices to the sector, aiming to shift the emphasis from treatment of illnesses to preventive healthcare and promotion of health. We aim to identify health risks as early as possible and help our customers to make choices that promote their wellbeing.

Our values – know-how and caring – steer our operations at all levels. Clinical quality, customer-oriented and proactive treatment, as well as continuous improvement of operational efficiency are at the core of our strategy.

"The ability to change and evolve is our strength"

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Adjusted EBTIDA increased by 26.7 per cent year-on-year to EUR 92.4 million

Revenue 2014–2017 mill. EUR

Adjusted EBITDA 2014–2017 mill. EUR

Net debt/Adjusted EBITDA 2014–2017 mill. EUR