Diagnostiikka ja seulonta.

Diagnostics and screening


In diagnostics and screening, you can rely on our long-standing experience, industry-leading expertise and methods, and efficient processes. These enable quick results and the correct diagnosis for your patients. You can purchase our services flexibly through direct purchase or a purchase agreement or with a service voucher. Our most popular diagnostics and screening services include imaging and mammography screening.

Imaging and radiology

We are your experienced and top-quality partner in imaging with Finland’s largest network. For more than a decade, we have been developing a first-class imaging process to improve the effectiveness of treatment. We currently provide imaging as a partner to the public sector at Terveystalo’s clinics or in public organizations’ premises.

Our imaging network consists of more than 50 X-ray units and more than 40 oral health units, which offer standard X-ray and mammography examinations, intraoral radiographs, ultrasound examinations, computed tomography examinations, and MRI examinations. MRI examinations are available in 28 locations. Every year, approximately 700,000 imaging tests are stored in Terveystalo’s image archive, where they are accessible to our professionals regardless of the clinic.

We supply radiologists for the needs of public health care flexibly and with strong experience. We have assignment agreements for both remotely issued statements and the leasing of physicians for on-site work with several public organizations.

Imaging is effective when the patient is provided with the correct examination in a timely manner and the radiologist’s statement answers the question posed by the referring physician and includes recommendations for possible further examinations. Of Terveystalo’s approximately 180 radiologists, 50 work full time at Terveystalo, which means that the referring physician can easily reach them to ask additional questions, for example. With the help of the national network of radiologists, statements can also be issued during emergency service hours, evenings, and weekends. Thanks to our rapid diagnostics services, treatment can be started early, which improves the patient’s treatment results. The medical physicists working at Terveystalo are responsible for ensuring that imaging is carried out with the best possible image quality and lowest possible radiation doses. Double reading enables ensuring the quality of statements of imaging tests by means of peer assessment. The practice is new in Finland, and we are using it to increase transparency in the quality of our operations.

Mammography screening

We are the most trusted partner in mammography screening in Finland. Approximately every fifth case of breast cancer in Finland is detected in a screening provided by Terveystalo. In 2022, we served as the screening partner of approximately 220 municipalities, and we are the largest mammography screening provider in Finland.

Screening is carried out both on Terveystalo’s premises and with mobile devices on premises designated by the customer, such as health centers. Our screening process is fast and of a very high quality compared to both national and international recommendations. We actively monitor the quality of the service and develop it continuously. In addition to mammography screening, we perform prenatal screenings.


Endoscopies and procedures

Supplement your specialized medical care services with endoscopic examinations or other procedures. Endoscopies, such as colonoscopies and gastroscopies, and other procedures can be purchased from us flexibly with a promissory note, a service voucher or on the basis of an agreement, but also by

leasing professional personnel to your premises. Read more about our specialized medical care services >

Laboratory services

When you need high-quality laboratory services, we are here to help you with our largest laboratory network in Finland and our advanced and efficient processes. Sample collection services are available in approximately 180 Terveystalo units.

Our laboratories offer high-quality point-of-care testing services. The range of point-of-care tests always includes S-CRP tests, and larger units also offer clinical chemistry and hematology analyses. Our diverse range of clinical physiology examinations responds to a variety of needs, for example through the comprehensive availability of recording examinations.

The most important stage of laboratory services is preanalytics. Collecting the right sample at the right time is the basis for a high-quality and reliable result and a prerequisite for a correct diagnosis. The skills of our laboratory personnel are maintained by continuous monitoring of the level of competence and regular competence tests. In addition, the maintenance of skills is supported by exams on methods and activities, such as Labquality’s spirometry and ECG passes. The quality of the laboratory equipment is monitored by daily checks, and we also participate in external quality assessment rounds.

We continuously and actively invest in the development of our laboratory services. Genetic tests are becoming more common, and we have already included some tests in our range of examinations. We are closely involved in the digitalization of the health care sector. For example, we have a free Terveystalo app for the end users of laboratory services. In the Terveystalo app, the patient can conveniently view their laboratory results and reference values in an easily understandable form. The patient can also easily and effortlessly monitor the development of their laboratory results in the Terveystalo app.

Staffing of personnel for diagnostics and screening needs

You can flexibly lease expert imaging personnel, such as radiologists or radiographers, and laboratory personnel, such as laboratory technicians or samplers. Read more about the staffing of personnel >

Remote consultations

Accelerate your patient’s care pathway and offer your own medical staff the opportunity to consult the best specialists, such as radiologists, through a convenient remote service. Read more about our remote and digital services >

Remote statements

Accelerate your patient’s care pathway with remotely issued expert statements, such as radiologists’ statements. Read more about our remote and digital services >

Terveystalo is Finland’s leading health care service company with the largest network in the country

Thanks to our nationwide network, comprehensive health services, remote solutions, and experienced experts, our services are always available close to the customer. For public organizations, we offer many flexible ways of purchasing services and solving needs.