Specialized medical care


Our comprehensive expert organization, extensive service network, 18 hospital units, and advanced digital solutions make high-quality specialized medical care services available to public organizations all over Finland. Services can be purchased from us flexibly, either in small parts or larger packages. Our most popular specialized medical services include specialist consultations, endoscopies, diagnostics services, and surgical operations.

Fokus special units

The Fokus special units bring together our best expertise in abdominal, mental, musculoskeletal and eye diseases and sleep problems. Terveystalo’s Fokus special units streamline specialized medical diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation, and enable effective and comprehensive treatment for your patients. By gathering a multi-professional team to care for the patient, each of the team’s top experts can focus on their specialty in smooth cooperation with other professionals. We want to be the first choice for all our customers in these areas of health and well-being. For public organizations, we offer our expertise and experts in the Fokus specialties, as well as other specialized medical care services.

Our special units and services:

  • Fokus special unit for mental well-being
  • Fokus special unit for musculoskeletal diseases
  • Fokus gastrointestinal special unit
  • Fokus ophthalmological special unit
  • Fokus special unit for sleep medicine

Fields of specialized medical care

Terveystalo has thousands of specialists in different fields around Finland to assist you in providing specialized medical care. The needs of public organizations typically fall under the scope of the following specialties:

  • radiology
  • pediatrics
  • gynecology
  • otorhinolaryngology
  • orthopedics
  • dermatology
  • ophthalmology
  • psychiatry
  • cardiology
  • physical and rehabilitative medicine
  • urology
  • neurology
  • general surgery

Specialist appointments

We provide specialist services flexibly and as a solution that meets your needs in the following ways:

  • At Terveystalo’s clinic with a promissory note or a service voucher or on the basis of an agreement
  • As a remote appointment or remote consultation
  • On your organization’s premises through personnel leasing.

With our comprehensive expert organization and nationwide service network, we are able to provide specialist services all over Finland. We can also offer services such as high-quality specialist consultations for smaller municipalities or other public organizations. Our specialist services support public primary health care to succeed in its task and improve the integration and availability of services for patients.


Staffing for specialized medical care needs

Supplement the expertise of your public organization by leasing from us experienced specialists and other specialized medical care personnel, such as nurses or operating room teams. Our range of services covers almost all specialties, from psychiatry to conservative and operative fields and radiology. We will tailor the staffing service according to your needs. Read more about the staffing of personnel >

Surgical operations

Our surgical operations combine quick access to care, quality, and expertise with a comprehensive care pathway. We provide surgical services to public organizations, such as municipalities, in Terveystalo’s 18 hospital units. We also perform surgeries in public hospitals.

Endoscopies and procedures

Supplement your specialized medical care services with endoscopic examinations or other procedures. Endoscopies, such as colonoscopies and gastroscopies, and other procedures can be purchased from us flexibly with a promissory note or a service voucher or on the basis of a contract, but also by leasing professional personnel to your premises.

Diagnostics and screening

We provide high-quality imaging and sample collection services and screening throughout the country. Read more about our diagnostics and screening services >

Centralized referral center

Terveystalo’s centralized referral center has been developed to help public organizations control the increasing costs of specialized medical care by streamlining and accelerating care pathways. A partnership in specialized medical care is a quick and high-quality option for public health care to provide specialist diagnoses and treatment.

At the centralized referral center, Terveystalo’s experienced specialists process referrals and consultation requests from primary health care. Based on the consultation, the best option from both a medical and a cost perspective is selected: the patient is referred either to a central hospital, to a Terveystalo clinic, or back to primary health care. If the customer is referred back to primary health care, Terveystalo’s specialists provide treatment instructions and close consultation, which supports the operations of primary health care.

The referral center model accelerates the chain of care and reduces costs and unnecessary examinations, when customers falling outside the scope of public specialized medical care are treated either in a health center with the support of our specialists or in Terveystalo’s clinic.

Remote consultations

Accelerate the care pathway and offer your own medical staff the opportunity to consult the best experts through a convenient remote service. Read more about our remote and digital services >

Remote statements

Accelerate the care pathway with remotely issued statements from experts in specialized medical care. Read more about our remote and digital services >

Specialized medical care services at home

Take advantage of our long-standing experience in arranging 24-hour home care services. Our customers are mainly respiratory paralysis patients or disabled people who need round-the-clock care. The care team usually consists of 4–6 nurses who work at the customer’s home. The nurses engage in multi-professional cooperation with the other health care professionals involved in the customer’s care in order to ensure that the customer has the best opportunities for leading an independent and normal life. We will tailor the service according to your needs.

Therapy and rehabilitation services

We provide expert therapy and rehabilitation services in various fields. Read more about our therapy and rehabilitation services >

Service voucher

A service voucher is one way to purchase our specialized medical care services. A service voucher is a promissory note given by a municipality or hospital district to a patient by which it undertakes to pay the amount indicated on the voucher for a service provided by a company it has approved. The patient will pay the rest of the sum themselves.

Service vouchers enable public organizations to provide health services in a cost-effective and flexible manner. For the end users of services, service vouchers allow quick access to care. Different pricing model options bring clarity and flexibility to service design. The implementation can be agreed to cover anything from individual services up to the entire chain of care.

Appointments for procedures and surgeries must be made by phone.



Partnership in specialized medical care

When your specialized medical care needs are extensive, continuous, and long-term, a partnership with us tailored to your needs may be the best solution. For example, screenings, endoscopies, day surgery, and many other procedures are suitable areas for Terveystalo to provide in their entirety. We have also achieved good results in providing fully outsourced public hospital operations. Through partnerships and outsourcing, hospital districts have been able to shorten the queues for treatment and reduce costs.

We have the experience, expertise, and methods to support primary health care by processing referrals to specialized medical care and, consequently, to increase the speed and effectiveness of chains of care by supporting health center physicians and directing patients to the appropriate treatment. Through our referral center concept, we provide specialized medical care services in a customer-oriented and cost-effective manner. For more information, please contact the expert responsible for public services in your area.

Contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you.


Terveystalo is Finland’s leading health care service company with the largest network in the country

Thanks to our nationwide network, comprehensive health services, remote solutions, and experienced experts, our services are always available close to the customer. For public organizations, we offer many flexible ways of purchasing services and solving needs.