Digitaaliset palvelut.

Remote and digital services


Terveystalo’s Public Digital Services offer a wide range of remote medicine solutions, assessments of the need for care, and an advanced digital platform for using remote services. We are building the world’s best public health care by combining effective care with cutting-edge digital expertise. We support the digitalization of health care and help ensure the availability of health services. We offer our key services separately or as a package tailored for the customer organization.

A growing number of Finns are used to using web-based services, and, in the future, a high-quality customer experience will require diverse digital service channels. Our new remote service platform fully adapts to the visual identity of the customer and provides a user-oriented service experience without the need to install a separate application.

Table of Contents

Digital platform

Our new digital platform is built for the needs of public health care in Finland and provides a variety of opportunities for using remote services. The platform is designed to be light and agile, which ensures the smoothest possible deployment. Our user-oriented remote service platform adapts to all needs: it enables chat and video appointments with physicians, nurses, and other professionals, and it is fully customizable to match the visual identity of the customer. The service is browser-based, which means that it can be used without a separate application. The service can be used on a computer or a mobile phone.

The use of the service requires strong electronic authentication, which guarantees that customer and patient data are processed securely. On our digital platform, the customer can be attended to during one session smoothly, multi-professionally, and even across organizational boundaries. The service has an advanced and effortless feedback function.

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Remote appointments

We offer the services of general practitioners, specialists, nurses, and other professionals, such as dieticians, as telephone, chat, and video appointments. Our digital platform enables the customer to be attended to smoothly during one session: a physician can join a nurse’s appointment or a chat appointment can be switched to a video appointment, if it is necessary to solve the problem. Remote appointments are an easy and modern way for the customer to seek help in health issues. In addition, they enable easy access to professionals in locations where it is otherwise challenging.

Remote consultations

Remote consultations enable both real-time and non-urgent communication between professionals. The most typical remote consultations take place between a nurse and a general practitioner or between a general practitioner and a specialist. Consultations can be arranged in real time as telephone, chat, and video appointments and, in the case of non-urgent consultations, via messages.


Remote statements

Our radiologists issue X-ray statements without delay and with expertise.

Assessment of the need for care

Read more about the assessment of the need for care here.

Terveystalo is Finland’s leading health care service company with the largest network in the country

Thanks to our nationwide network, comprehensive health services, remote solutions, and experienced experts, our services are always available close to the customer. For public organizations, we offer many flexible ways of purchasing services and solving needs.