Foresee workability risks with the help of health examinations

9/8/2022 | Updated 8/21/2023

Taking care of work ability in a productive and cost-effective manner requires a new kind of thinking. Starting from the beginning of 2023, Terveystalo’s new health examinations will better take into account the special characteristics of the industries and work load factors. Targeted health examinations help to identify potential challenges to work ability early. With the help of updated examinations, we support and promote health and work ability at the individual and group level in a timely manner.

Ennakoi työkykyriskit terveystarkastuksella.

Well-being at work can be seen in the bottom line of the organization. It is easier to reach goals when employees remain healthy and able to work. Productive occupational healthcare cooperation is strongly preventive, and takes into account the nature of work. This is why the new Terveystalo health examination procedures are targeted according to individual needs and the load factors of the work. This saves time and money.

“The employee receives support in a timely manner and specifically from the work ability point of view. The group-level information produced by the examinations is also analyzed. Based on the information, we propose measures that can support and promote the work ability of the personnel,” says the leading occupational health physician Ilse Rauhaniemi from Terveystalo.

Unifying and extending the careers of personnel requires information-based work ability management. Health examinations produce information to support the customer organization’s work ability management.

“With targeted health examinations, we are also able to understand better and faster the factors that influence recovery from work, such as sleep, mood, nutrition and exercise,” adds Rauhaniemi.

Prevention pays for itself

According to Rauhaniemi, early identification of work ability risks and addressing them is financially profitable for the organization.

“Prevention makes sense economically: the costs of getting sick are manifold compared to investing in preventive occupational healthcare cooperation. It is not worth skimping on supporting employees’ work ability because the most expensive thing for an organization is work not done due to sickness absences and disability pensions. A well employee is also productive,” reminds Rauhaniemi.

Researched information as the background of health examinations

Terveystalo’s new “The mind and work” and “Physique and movement at work” health check-ups are based on the Terveystalo Health survey, which is based on evidence-based research. With the help of the Health survey, essential work ability and health risks can be effectively identified.

“In addition to various symptoms, the comprehensive survey maps other factors that affect work ability, such as long periods of sitting still, low alertness, and difficulties with sleep and recovery. This is how we identify the factors which the measures at the occupational health appointment should be focused on,” says Rauhaniemi.

In the survey, the employee can evaluate their work ability in the longer term and consider, for example, how they recover after a day’s work or whether they feel that they will be able to continue in the current job in a couple of years in terms of their health.

“Employees’ subjective assessments of their work ability have been proven to predict actual work ability and sickness absences. That is why the risks that come up in the survey should be taken seriously and addressed as early as possible,” emphasizes Rauhaniemi.

For everyone according to their individual needs

The new Physique and movement at work and The mind and work health check-ups are targeted based on the load factors of the work. They are based on the specific characteristics of the industry or on the load factors that come up in the workplace survey. Targeted health examinations can be arranged for a specific group of employees when physical or psychosocial stress is identified at work. With targeted health examinations, issues that threaten the health and well-being of employees are investigated and employees’ job satisfaction and work ability are ensured.

The Physique and movement at work health check-up is intended for employees whose work involves physical load factors. The health check-up is based on the identified physical industry or physical load factors that come up in the workplace survey that expose employees to musculoskeletal diseases.

The Physique and movement at work health check-ups are especially suitable when the work involves lifting, handling loads, repetitive movements or challenges related to the workspace, work tools and versatile use of the body. Such industries may be, for example, construction, cleaning, care, trade, property maintenance, maintenance, installation, assembly, agriculture and transportation.

“This targeted health examination carried out by an occupational physical therapist will also benefit employees of other fields who have static load in their work, such as specialists who do display screen work or office work,” adds Rauhaniemi.

When the work includes knowledge work, expert work, customer service work or supervisory work, or the special characteristics of the industry emphasize psychosocial load factors as risk factors, it is recommended to choose The mind and work health check-up for the work community. The check-up is carried out by an expert in psychological and social issues of working life, i.e., an occupational health psychologist. The check-up’s aim is to support the employee’s resources and help them to reach their goals to promote health and the ability to work.

In both targeted check-ups, load factors and recovery can also be measured with the renewed Firstbeat Life solution. With the help of the solution, it is possible to determine the employee’s load and stress factors both in the working environment and in their free time, and to assess whether the employee’s lifestyle supports a balanced everyday life and coping at work.

“Work ability consists of the whole: the amount of load and recovery in free time also has an effect on coping at work. Adequate recovery is a prerequisite for the employee to be the best version of themselves at the workplace,” adds Rauhaniemi.

An engaging health examination is a continuous process

At the health examination, the health care professional will help the employee come up with a personal, digital health plan called Oma Suunnitelma. With the help of Oma Suunnitelma, the employee’s health, well-being and work ability as well as their motivation to take care of themselves and their health are supported. The digital Oma Suunnitelma engages the employee to follow the development of their health status effortlessly.

“Terveystalo’s Oma Suunnitelma service reminds employees of their personal well-being goals and helps them stay healthy and able to work. Functional work ability support grants a competitive advantage to the organization and commits employees. According to studies, employees appreciate the company’s care and find health examinations meaningful. This feeling should be cherished because satisfied and healthy employees are the backbone of a successful company.

Add new health examinations in the action plan

Did you recognize the need for targeted health examinations in your organization? The occupational healthcare action plan records which health examinations are carried out, to whom they are targeted and what examination methods are used. Agree on voluntary check ups with your contact person for occupational health and ensure that measures that promote work ability are included in the action plan.

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