Website’s Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms of use

Using the Web pages of Suomen Terveystalo Oy (hereinafter ”the Company”) requires the user to abide by these terms and conditions. Read these terms and conditions carefully before you start using the Company’s Web pages. In addition to these terms and conditions, different services may be subject to separately applicable special terms and conditions. Services used by means of access codes or mobile certificates are furthermore subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the codes or certificates.
By accessing the Company’s Web pages, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Service provider

The primary service provider of these Web pages is Suomen Terveystalo Oy. Address: Ratamestarinkatu 7 B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland. Tel. +358 30 633 11.


The Company has the right at any time, without prior notice, to change these pages’ terms of use, appearance, content, availability, the services provided via the pages, and any other features of the pages, or to discontinue the service. The Company has the right to interrupt the provision of the service during maintenance and updating procedures.

Service provider’s responsibility

The Company is not liable for direct or indirect loss or damage caused by the use of these pages or the electronic services, nor for the service’s unavailability or any loss or damage caused by such. The Company does not guarantee the Web pages’ uninterrupted or flawless availability or functioning. The electronic information published on the Company’s Web pages is produced solely for the purpose of distributing information, unless otherwise separately and expressly agreed.

Information produced by third parties

The Company is not liable for any information produced or published by third parties to which these Web pages may contain a link.

User’s responsibility

Users are responsible for the accuracy of any information they submit via the website and the arrival of such information. The user represents and warrants that the user will not submit any illegal or improper material to these Web pages. The user must employ all reasonable means to ensure that the submitted material does not contain viruses and that it is not harmful in any other way.

Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise stated, the proprietary rights, copyright, and other intellectual property rights to these Web pages belong to a company that belongs to the Terveystalo group of companies. All rights to the pages and their contents are reserved. Publishing, reproducing, transferring, or changing the pages’ content or appearance without the consent of the rights’ holder is forbidden, excluding storage on a computer or printing for private use. The material may be quoted as referred to in the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961). When quoting the material, the source must always be indicated. However, trademarks and logos may not be copied, published, or redistributed without the Company’s written consent.

Online booking

The online booking service provided by the Company on its website is intended for booking appointments only directly between the customer and the Company. Distribution, dissemination and other similar forwarding by third parties of any information given on the Company's online booking website for the above purpose is prohibited. For example, dissemination of information about available appointment times is prohibited. Automated search of services offered in the online booking is also prohibited.

Personal data

Read more about personal data processing in our privacy statement.


The confidentiality of e-mails sent over an open information network cannot be guaranteed. Users should avoid submitting personal data and other confidential messages to the Company via e-mail. The Company is not obligated to carry out assignments or service requests submitted via unencrypted e-mail. The Company has the right, upon a user’s request, to deliver information via e-mail to the address specified by the user in question. The Company is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused by messages sent in an open information network.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions as well as any possible disputes arising from the Company’s Web pages and the content thereof are governed by Finnish law. Any possible disputes are settled in the District Court of Helsinki.