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Sujuva Terveysasema - tomorrow’s well-being today

Sujuva Terveysasema is Terveystalo’s solution to organizing primary health care in the wellbeing services counties. We want to offer our unique experience as a public health care partner, and our advanced digital services and insights as a utilizer of health data to the wellbeing services counties.

Now is the right time to invest in primary health care

The social welfare and healthcare reform is a unique opportunity to invest in primary health care and make the smoothest forms of care available to the residents of the wellbeing services counties. By investing in primary services, well-being is created for the residents, and the ever-increasing costs of specialized medical care are reduced.

The most effective care models, advanced digital and remote services and comprehensive health data

As the longest-standing partner of public health care, we help wellbeing services counties to shorten the time it takes to receive treatment, anticipate the need for treatment and improve its effectiveness.

We gathered the most effective care models, advanced digital and remote services and comprehensive health data resulting from years of development work into Sujuva Terveysasema, which allows the wellbeing services county to move into a new era of health in a cost-effective and smooth way.

Sujuva Terveysasema is our solution to how primary health care should be developed in wellbeing services counties. We want to bring in our experience and smooth services to benefit wellbeing services counties.

Experience ensures effectiveness

We have the longest experience in the private health sector in taking care of the health and well-being of municipalities’ residents in a unique way. We have been responsible for 27 social welfare and healthcare units in 30 different localities. Approximately 150,000 municipal residents have received their primary health care services from us.

The results are effective:

  • The T3 figure, which measures waiting times for non-urgent care, is an average of 5.5 days at our health centers (y. 2021).
  • In 2021–2022, the NPS index, which measures customers’ willingness to recommend our services, was on average over 80 (on a scale of −100 to 100).

Our core competence is building smooth treatment and service pathways between different services, from social services to health care services and specialized medical care. By investing in primary health care and social services, we achieve effective results.


Digital and remote services are part of a seamless customer path

We have invested in smooth and effective digital and remote services. In 2021–2022, development work has been carried out by over 100 professionals with over EUR 10 million.

Our solutions for the needs of wellbeing services counties include:

  • A digital platform that enables chat and video appointments
  • A treatment need assessment model, which ensures that only those patients who would benefit from an appointment are referred to a health center
  • Chat and remote appointment solutions for the national Medical Helpline 116 117 service

In Sujuva Terveysasema, digital and remote services and local services form a seamless whole, which ensures that residents can access services easily.

Terveystalo’s digital and remote services are easy to implement in wellbeing services counties, and they do not require large initial investments. We are able to develop and modify digital and remote services easily as needed.


Utilization of data in primary health care

We develop the operation of health centers and the effectiveness of treatment by making use of accumulated data in a variety of ways. We have the most up-to-date information on key indicators of operation and effectiveness.

With the help of data, significant results have been achieved:

  • In Puolanka, the number of treatment days in psychiatric care decreased by 45% (y. 2013–2020)
  • In Terveystalo’s outsourcing, the costs of specialized medical care have increased more slowly than in other municipalities.

Our expertise and technological solutions enable more efficient use of the data accumulated in the patient information system in promoting the health of the residents and monitoring the continuity and effectiveness of the care of chronically ill patients. As a concrete example, the examination of heart failure patients showed that over half of the patients were not taking the correct medication. These tools of the future are already at our disposal.

How does partnership benefit wellbeing services counties?

Implement tomorrow’s health care today.

We want to be a strategic partner of wellbeing services counties and offer the most effective treatment practices, smooth digital services and comprehensive health data to the residents of the wellbeing services counties. We have gathered our best primary health care solutions in Sujuva Terveysasema to support the wellbeing services counties.

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