Social services


We provide high-quality social services in combination with our solid health service expertise. For example, the Sauma child welfare services combine our strong expertise in addiction medicine with our diverse rehabilitation and therapy services. We provide physician-in-charge services for the health care of residents of home care and housing units, and our staffing services help you with the challenges related to the availability of health care personnel.

Sauma child welfare services

Effectiveness and the genuine involvement of young people are at the core of the Sauma child welfare services. Owned by Terveystalo, Sauma focuses on providing multi-professional, demanding child welfare services that combine child welfare and health care expertise. Terveystalo’s already solid know-how in areas such as addiction medicine and therapy and rehabilitation services enable the nationwide provision of diverse services in the future.

The services of the Sauma child welfare units are intended for children with psychological or substance abuse symptoms whose need for rehabilitation is not met elsewhere and who need rehabilitation provided by a multi-professional team. Read more on Sauma’s website >

Care services: physician-in-charge services and personnel leasing

Our nationwide physician-in-charge services offer a solution for the provision of health services for customers in home care and ordinary and intensified service housing units. Our experienced physicians are responsible for the treatment of diseases and symptoms and pharmacotherapy in its entirety, both on site and with digital tools. The physician-in-charge service guarantees competent, around-the-clock medical support for the personnel of the home care or housing unit, making it easier for them to plan the care of their customers, discuss with relatives, and avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency department. The cost of the physician-in-charge service for one customer for the period of three months corresponds to the cost of one unnecessary emergency department visit, which means that effective treatment can also save costs.

Read more about our primary health care services >

We lease skilled personnel for short-term and long-term needs in the care sector. For example, our skilled nurses and entire respiratory paralysis teams are at your disposal. Read more about the leasing of personnel >


Expert working groups on self-determination and child welfare

If you are interested in our quality expert services, contact us and we will find the solution that best suits your organization.

Working group on self-determination (IMO working group)

The service package of the IMO working group on self-determination includes experts (physician, psychologist, social worker) for assessing the effectiveness of possible restrictive measures in accordance with the Act on Special Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities (IMO working group) and for drawing up an IMO plan. The service package includes preliminary preparations, a remote meeting of the expert team, and the preparation of a written summary of the experts’ views.

Expert group on child welfare

The service package of the child welfare expert group includes preliminary preparations, a remote meeting of the expert group, and the preparation of a written summary or statement of the experts’ views provided to the social worker responsible for the child’s affairs. The service includes the following experts:

  • Legal matters (lawyer)
  • Addiction medicine (specialist)
  • Child or adolescent psychiatry (child or adolescent psychiatrist)
  • Social work (social worker)
  • Psychology (psychologist)

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Thanks to our nationwide network, comprehensive health services, remote solutions, and experienced experts, our services are always available close to the customer. For public organizations, we offer many flexible ways of purchasing services and solving needs.