Partnership solutions


Our partnership solutions are more extensive health and/or social care service packages. By purchasing a service package from a private partner, the public sector is able to compare its own operations with another operator and, consequently, develop its operations for the benefit of citizens. Partnership solutions also seek to improve the availability of services, for example in the form of shorter waiting lists and cost savings, and to ensure the functionality of public services in general.

Today, Terveystalo’s partnership solutions are responsible for providing care for more than 310,000 municipal residents. In a customer satisfaction survey conducted in March 2021, our public health centers (including oral health care) received excellent scores: the NPS score for willingness to recommend was as high as 84. NPS (Net Promoter Score) refers to the recommendation index and indicates how likely customers are to recommend a service to their friends or colleagues.

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Partnership in primary health care

In a partnership in primary health care, Terveystalo is responsible for providing public health center services, for example. The services may include outpatient care services, child health clinic and school health care services, physical therapy, laboratory, oral health care services, and possibly also psychologist and speech therapist services. It is also possible to purchase a smaller service package: the partnership may only cover appointments with physicians, for example. We can also supplement high-quality local services with modern remote and digital services according to the agreement.

Our public health centers have excellent T3 figures (6.5 days on average in 2021). Our goal is that the T3 figures of our physician’s appointments remain less than seven days and those of our nurse’s appointments one day.

Partnership in oral health care

We can provide the full range of dental care services as a purchase service. Currently, we are partnering with four municipalities in all dental care services. In a partnership in oral health care, we are responsible not only for operative activities, but also for management and support services. Through the partnership, you can ensure good oral health care services even in locations facing challenges with the availability of personnel.


Partnership in specialized medical care

Hospital districts can also purchase services from private companies. For example, screenings, endoscopies, day surgery, and many other procedures are well suited to being produced by a private service provider. For example, Terveystalo provides annually a significant proportion of statutory mammography screenings: approximately 210,000 examinations in a total of 235 municipalities.

We have also achieved good results in providing hospital operations in their entirety as a purchase service. Through purchased services, hospital districts have been able to shorten the waiting lists for treatment and reduce costs.

Inpatient ward

You can purchase all inpatient ward operations from us as a purchased service. We provide the service in the customer’s operating environment, such as premises and systems, but we are responsible for the personnel, management, and support services.

You can also lease health care professionals through us. Read more about the leasing of personnel >

Tailored social and health care service package

We have an excellent capacity to tailor a social and health care partnership that meets your organization’s needs: our experience in starting and operating different partnerships is unique in Finland. We have already provided more than 50 service packages, such as a public health center or emergency services, and we are currently responsible for all social and health care services in seven municipalities.

Terveystalo is Finland’s leading health care service company with the largest network in the country

Thanks to our nationwide network, comprehensive health services, remote solutions, and experienced experts, our services are always available close to the customer. For public organizations, we offer many flexible ways of purchasing services and solving needs.