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We have the most suitable occupational healthcare service package for organizations of all sizes: from entrepreneurs and small businesses to large corporations and public sector employers. Let’s build a Healthy Workplace™ together!

Accidents among working-age people and first aid preparedness at workplaces.

Accidents among working-age people and first aid preparedness at workplaces

Quick referral to occupational health services after an accident supports the return to work. In occupational health, the frequency of accidents is proactively minimized with the workplace survey that also pays attention to first aid preparedness. In the event of an accident, it is important to ensure that the patient is referred to occupational health care after the acute treatment of the accident, in order to assess the ability to work and draw up a return plan to work.

Work ability effectiveness

How will your organization recharge its batteries in the future?

Terveystalo’s new work ability management consulting service helps the management to increase their understanding of the current state of the organization, to clarify the goals of work ability management and to build a foundation for comprehensive work ability management.

Taking care of yourself in a crisis

The current situation in Ukraine and the whole world is exceptional, and we are all looking for new ways to live in these circumstances, learning how to process difficult emotions and situations, and trying to keep our everyday lives meaningful. On this page, we have collected content and material you can use to process the crisis situation in your company.

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Knowledge ​improves health.

Knowledge ​improves health

A healthy workplace is not created by chance, but through planning. This requires information to support the management of employee work ability, anticipate risks and create ways in which we can work together to build healthy work communities from healthy employees and successful companies from healthy work communities. Because health pays off.

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Transform the humane efficiency of your organization into a competitive advantage

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