For customers

When you visit the clinic as a private customer

You can book an appointment with a physician or nurse at Terveystalo 24 hours a day. Start using the Terveystalo app where you can easily book appointments and view your appointment information, prescriptions and lab results.

Booking an appointment

You can make an appointment online on our website or Terveystalo's mobile app. Here you can see the instructions on how to download the Terveystalo app to your smartphone or tablet.

If you cannot find a suitable appointment, service, or expert on the website or app, please contact our customer service. We will help you to make an appointment and find the right expert as well as advise you on questions related to our services. You can call us anytime, but in the morning our waiting times may be longer than at other times.

When your appointment is approaching, we'll send you an SMS reminder. The reminder is sent to your phone one day before your appointment.

Contacting the clinic

If you need to get in touch with the clinic or person treating you, please call our customer service. If they cannot resolve your issue, they will connect the call to the respective clinic.

To ensure that our medical staff can focus on their work without interruption, we do not connect calls to their offices. Our customer service staff will make a call request to the person you are looking for.


We use several different ways of registration. When you come for your appointment, please check whether you have received a registration SMS from us. In this case, you don’t have to register at the clinic’s customer service desk.

Please arrive for your appointment approximately 10 minutes in advance. Remember to bring photo identification with you. You also need your Kela card for direct reimbursement from Kela. Please also bring any relevant promissory notes and accident reports.

Some of our clinics have self-service registration machines. Scan the barcode of your driver’s license or Kela card on the barcode reader in the machine. The machine shows the floor and room of your appointment.

Checklist for appointments

Please keep the following in mind when you come for your appointment – this is to make sure that you receive efficient and safe care.

Always remember to

  • bring your Kela card to the appointment.
  • inform about your previous treatments and prescriptions.

It is advisable to save your Kela card in the Terveystalo application, where you can also find your appointment history, lab results, prescriptions, and vaccination information. This way, your health information and Kela card are always with you.

At the appointment, please provide the person treating you with all the relevant information related to your visit – even details that may seem minor to you are worth mentioning.

Remember to mention

  • any allergies or other illnesses you have.
  • any medicines you are taking – products prescribed by a physician, over-the-counter (OTC) products, and herbal remedies.
  • if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, or if you are breast-feeding.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure about anything – our medical staff are there for you.

If more information about your health is needed, you will be referred to lab tests or X-ray examinations. You will be explained how you will receive the results. Most results can be viewed in the Terveystalo application or by logging in to our website.

If you want to record your appointment, please discuss this in advance with the person treating you. Terveystalo's professionals have the right to refuse to participate in a treatment event that is recorded without their consent.

Start using the Terveystalo app

The Terveystalo app keeps track of your health information and provides fast access to a physician round the clock. When you use remote services, you don’t have to wait or make an appointment. All your appointment and prescription information is also conveniently stored in the app. Download the Terveystalo app from App Store or Google Play.

Further appointments

If further examinations or control appointments are needed, it is most convenient to immediately book them at the customer service desk. This ensures that you know when and how your treatment will continue. Our customer service staff can book an appointment for you at any Terveystalo clinic.

If you want, we can remind you of your appointment (e.g., annual checkup) by sending you email or calling you.

Payment options

You pay for your visit and book any further appointments at the customer service desk. Most clinics can directly deduct the amount of Kela reimbursement from the amount payable. For this reason, you must present your Kela card at the customer service desk.

If the Kela reimbursement cannot be deducted directly, you will be given the necessary documents to claim reimbursement from Kela. More information on Kela reimbursement can be found on the Kela website.

We also charge a service fee when you pay for your appointment. Please see our price list.

You can pay with a debit card, credit card, Walley invoice, or online payment through Terveystalo's mobile application or by logging in to our website. Terveystalo hospitals also offer Terveystalo Financing.

Viewing your appointment and health information

When you visit Terveystalo, your appointment information is stored and you can view your information by logging in to the Terveystalo application or our online service. By logging in, you can see your appointment history, such as the vaccinations administered, lab results, upcoming appointments, and prescriptions. The app also helps to monitor your blood sugar or blood pressure data.

Your health information is stored in one place, regardless of whether you have visited us as a private customer or used occupational health services.