Positive result of a Covid-19 test

Your COVID-19 test result was positive. If this is your first positive COVID-19 test result, it means that you probably have COVID-19. Sometimes the COVID-19 test result is positive for some time after having COVID-19. If you like, you can book an appointment with a physician to discuss the implications of the test result. The result of the corona test can also be a borderline finding (inconclusive). Borderline finding means a result that cannot be answered as positive or negative. The result of the borderline finding does not allow an EU corona certificate to form at the Kanta archive. If a certificate of the test result is required, a new sample must be taken. Book appointments by phone: +358 (0)30 6000*. The laboratory that performed the corona test will forward your contact information to the infectious disease unit of your home municipality. Several municipalities will no longer contact individuals with a positive result or impose official isolation or quarantine. It is recommended that you report the positive result to your employer to help to prevent the corona infection from spreading especially if you are a social and health care worker. Follow the instructions below for home care yourself.


If your symptoms are mild, you can recover at home. The treatment involves rest and standard symptomatic treatment of respiratory tract infection or diarrhea. If necessary, you can take paracetamol for pain relief and fever according to instructions.

Some patients may need prevention of vascular occlusion (thrombosis) in connection with COVID-19 infection. If you have had a vascular occlusion or you have any risk factors for vascular occlusion (e.g. overweight, smoking, hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptives), please contact a physician to assess the situation.

Below is a link to information on corona virus infection and venous thrombosis risk (in Finnish). Please book a doctor's telephone assessment (health center / occupational health / private) if you are at risk of venous thrombosis:

Read more: Corona virus infection and venomous thrombosis risk

If you clearly have symptoms or your condition worsens, please do not hesitate to contact a doctor using a remote connection (a video, chat, or telephone appointment). If you are Terveystalo’s occupational health customer, your primary contact is your designated occupational health team. If your condition deteriorates rapidly and/or you suffer from severe dyspnea (difficulty breathing), call the emergency number 112 or ask someone to call the number for you.



In mild and asymptomatic infections, voluntary isolation for at least 5 days is recommended. Prior to the end of the isolation, the person should have been asymptomatic for two days.

Below is a link to THL's instructions on isolation and quarantine:

Read more: THL's instructions on isolation and quarantine



COVID-19 is considered infectious 48 hours before the onset of symptoms or 48 hours before the test, if you do not have any symptoms. People who have been in close contact with you during this time may be considered to be exposed. The general rule is that a close contact is a person who has stayed in the same room or within 2 meters of you for more than 15 minutes. It is advisable to inform close contacts of possible exposure.

The people who clearly have been in close contact (those who are living in the same household, other clearly exposed persons) should stay at home under quarantine-like conditions (wear a face mask, avoid new social contacts). If exposed individuals develop symptoms consistent with coronavirus infection, testing is recommended.

The recommended duration of quarantine is 5-10 days.


A certificate for the infectious disease allowance

Kela pays infectious disease allowance to an employee who has contracted COVID-19, if the employee has lost income during the illness. Alternatively, the communicable disease allowance is paid to the employer if the employee has been paid salary by the employer during the absence.

The infectious disease allowance is subject to the following conditions:

  • COVID-19 infection confirmed by a test taken in health care.
  • A certificate from a physician, a nurse or a public health nurse advising the person to be absent from gainful employment to prevent the spread of the virus.

More information about the infectious disease allowance can be found here: Sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease - kela.fi

You can apply for an A certificate drawn up by a Terveystalo physician for the communicable disease allowance through this service. The certificate can be drawn up after a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 test result has been obtained. If the COVID-19 test has been taken outside Terveystalo, please make sure that the result is visible in the Kanta.fi services and you have given health care professionals your consent to view your data. A certificate cannot be issued on the basis of an at-home COVID-19 test. The certificate will be delivered to you electronically within 3–5 weekdays in the “My events” section at Terveystalo’s online services when you’ve logged in.

The price of the service is EUR 43.30. If you are a Terveystalo Occupational Healthcare customer, your invoice will be directed to your employer as in occupational health payer. Please check with your employer which services are covered by your agreement. The service is not reimbursed by Kela.

If you need a certificate for the care of a child under the age of 16 who has COVID-19 or if you have questions about a certificate you have previously received, please contact Terveystalo's Doctor chat 24/7 service.


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