Coronavirus testing

Do you suspect a coronavirus infection and would like to be tested?

Coronavirus test (PCR) can be taken when you have symptoms that match with coronavirus infection or you have recently (within less than 14 days) been exposed to coronavirus.

Rapid coronavirus test suits well for persons with symptoms when there is a recent infection. Rapid coronavirus test is not suitable for persons with no symptoms.

Continue to booking service and answer the questions.

How to get to the coronavirus test

  1. Continue to booking service and answer the questions there.
  2. The booking service will guide you to chat or remote doctor's appointment to get the referral. The referral is always required for the coronavirus tests.
  3. After getting the referral, book a testing appointment.
  4. After the test, you can return home to wait for the results that arrive within 1-2 days to Terveystalo application.

If the test result is positive, we provide instructions for further treatment vis SMS.


The most common prices of services related to COVID-19

Coronavirus testing of non-Finnish citizens

If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code, here’s what you should do:

  • Book a testing appointment by calling our customer service (please see contact information here)
  • The nurse will provide you with a referral and book a testing appointment at the clinic of your choice
  • After the test you will receive a certificate of your results within 2-3 days by way of encrypted e-mail
  • Should your coronavirus test be positive, an expert from Terveystalo will call you with instructions for further treatment. Price for instructions for further treatment is 36 €.

Should you fall ill while in Finland, you can seek medical assistance at our clinics specializing in the treatment of patients suffering from respiratory tract infection symptoms. Book an appointment by calling our customer service (please see contact information here).