Welcome to Covid-19 test

See more information about the test below and read the arrival instructions to find the separated testing station. Remember to walk or drive to the test – do not use public transportation or a taxi.

Please note that the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends using a face mask to protect others on your way to the coronavirus test and if you have to leave home while waiting for the test results. You can find the instructions for wearing a face mask here.

Instructions for sample collection

  • To speed things up, print the consent form. Fill in the child's information and select how you want to get the results.  If this is your child’s first visit to Terveystalo, also print the basic information form and fill it in. 
  • Bring the completed forms with you or return them to the nearest Terveystalo clinic.
  • Be ready to show the child’s ID or Kela card to the laboratory personnel at the drive-in or indoor testing station.
  • During the sample collection, hold a small child on your lap even if you are in a car.
  • Use one hand to hold the child’s hands down and press the child’s forehead towards your chest with the other hand. 
  • Make sure that the child’s head does not move during the test.
  • After the test, you can return home to wait for the results. 
  • If you have given consent, your child’s test result will be displayed in your Oma Terveys (My Health) online service in approximately 1–3 days after the test. 

Covid test is paid after the sample collection either with mobile or with a credit/debit card. Payment is done in the Flu clinic in question or at the Drive-in, do not enter the main clinic for payment purposes. We recommend to download the Terveystalo app either from AppStore or GooglePlay, as it is the most convenient way to see your results and also take care of the payment.