Terveystalo donates a professorship in occupational health and occupational medicine to the University of Turku

Suomen Terveystalo Oy donates a temporary professorship of practise in occupational health and occupational medicine to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turku. The professorship will last for three years and the total value of the donation is EUR 150 000.

The donation is a continuation of a long-standing collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine and Terveystalo, and aims to increase research, education and public debate on occupational health and medicine. The research of the future Professor of Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine will focus in particular on the effectiveness of occupational health care, occupational health cooperation and related policies.

Academic research in occupational health can help the field to develop better practice, more effective interventions and evidence of the effectiveness of occupational health. As Finland's largest provider of occupational health services, we want to support the work of health care reform in line with our values. Our future scientific collaboration will benefit above all Finnish working-age people, whose health, well-being and productivity interventions will be identified and developed through the Occupational Life Professorship," says Jukka Pitkänen, Chief Medical Officer of Health Care Services and Occupational Health at Terveystalo

The already well-established cooperation has focused on education and teaching, and has resulted in, among other things, Finland's first telemedicine elective course for medical students. The donation will provide excellent conditions for research into the effectiveness of new approaches and innovations in occupational health and will promote continuous renewal and international leadership in the field of occupational health," says Petri Bono, Chief Medical Officer of Terveystalo.

The Faculty of Medicine has long collaborated with Terveystalo in education and research in the field of occupational health and occupational medicine. This donation will further strengthen our expertise and generate new research and discussion on occupational health," says Pekka Hänninen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku.

The professors of practise are temporary lecturers and research supervisors with a significant record of achievement in the world of work outside the university world and experience that benefits the university's activities. They also strengthen the interaction between the university and the surrounding society.