New health checks to be introduced to first locations as early as November 2023

Terveystalo is committed to continuously develope and improve preventive healthcare to provide its customers with the best possible care and treatment. We will be the first occupational health provider to use blood analysis technology developed in Finland and introduce it as part of our occupational health check-ups. We will launch the renewed health checks in some of our sites as early as November 2023. The blood analysis technology will help us to identify the risk of eight major chronic diseases from a single blood sample. Sampling is quick and easy for the customer.

New blood analysis technology will help us better identify individual risk of developing the following common diseases: 

  • Myocardial infarction
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Secondary cardiovascular disease (CHD) Liver fibrosis and cirrhosis 
  • Chronic renal failure 
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Lung cancer (in smokers)
  • COPD (in smokers).   

The revised health check will be launched first in Turku, Kouvola, Kuopio, Kajaani, Espoo Tapiola and Helsinki Kampi. 

The roll-out of the new service has been phased to allow us to collect feedback on our service during the rest of the year. The experiences will help us to fine-tune the package before the disease risk analysis becomes an integral part of all Terveystalo's health checks at the beginning of 2024," says Ilse Rauhaniemi, Terveystalo's Chief Occupational Health Physician. 

Terveystalo's corporate customers who have a designated occupational health team in these locations will be the first to have access to our new health check.

From the customer's perspective, everything else will remain the same, but in the future both the customer and the professional will have access to a Lifestyle disease risk report generated by a blood analysis developed by Nightingale Health, a Finnish technology company. The Lifestyle disease risk report will help the customer to understand the role of lifestyle in the risk of disease and also to monitor the impact of lifestyle changes through a clear metric. It also makes it easier for our professionals to plan individualised measures to reduce the risk of disease and motivate the customer to make lifestyle changes," says Rauhaniemi. 

The personalised report will be delivered to the customer in Terveystalo's app and online service approximately from around the turn of the year. The customer and the professional can go through the report in the professional's reception before then.

What makes the Lifestyle disease risk report in Terveystalo's health check unique?  

Occupational health focuses on the prevention of disability and illness. The integration of blood analysis and Lifestyle disease risk reports into health checks provides a new view of disease risk for both the client and the professional. In Finland, blood analysis-based disease risk assessment is only available at Terveystalo.

The Lifestyle disease risk report shows your individual risk of disease in the coming years. The technology and predictive power of blood analysis has been discussed and reviwed in hundreds of scientific publications (including the prestigious Nature journal) and has passed European healthcare regulatory requirements.

In addition to traditional diagnostic blood values, the new blood analysis will provide risk estimates for a number of diseases for which there are already different ways of assessing risk. The assessments are now available to the customer and the healthcare professional in a much easier and more comprehensive way than before. The results are always discussed with the health professional during the health check. This way we can ensure that the risk assessment does not cause unnecessary worry, but motivates the customer to make choices that prevent illness and promote health," Rauhaniemi adds.