Our services for public health care during the coronavirus pandemic


We want to support public health care in the common fight against the coronavirus pandemic and act as a partner at all stages of the pandemic. We support the public sector by providing individual services or by being involved in comprehensive pandemic management.

Coronavirus testing

Terveystalo receives information about the patient to be tested as agreed. The patient is tested at Terveystalo’s testing point and the customer is notified of the test result.


Rapid testing

Terveystalo uses the ArcDian mariPOC® COVID-19 antigen test to detect coronavirus infections. In our experience, the test is well suited for testing a symptomatic person when a recent infection is suspected. Customers can also get a referral to the test as part of a test package that quickly indicates whether the symptoms are caused by coronavirus or another respiratory tract infection, such as influenza or pneumococcus. The result of the rapid test will be displayed in the OmaTerveys service within a few hours of collecting the sample.


Antibody testing

A person who has been exposed to coronavirus or who has had an infection with symptoms compatible with a coronavirus infection may be tested for antibodies against coronavirus. Terveystalo’s antibody test is one of the most reliable on the market. A referral from Terveystalo’s or the municipality’s physician is needed for antibody testing.

Coronavirus testing including a physician’s remote appointment service

In addition to testing the patient, we offer them physician’s services either via chat or by phone. In this case, Terveystalo’s physician assesses the need for testing and the patient is tested at Terveystalo. The physician informs the patient of the results and files the necessary notifications to the authorities.

Coronavirus testing for nursing homes

If necessary, our expert team can test the residents of the nursing home on site. In this model, the physician of either the nursing home or Terveystalo assesses the need for testing. Terveystalo performs the tests based on the assessment.

Coronavirus testing for companies and communities

Terveystalo’s testing team can also test the personnel of a company or other community without their having to go to Terveystalo’s testing point. In this case, Terveystalo’s physician assesses the need for testing (according to the criteria of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) and Terveystalo performs the tests on site.

Coronavirus vaccinations

We act as a partner of public health care in coronavirus vaccinations.

Terveystalo is Finland’s leading health care service company with the largest network in the country

Thanks to our nationwide network, comprehensive health services, remote solutions, and experienced experts, our services are always available close to the customer. For public organizations, we offer many flexible ways of purchasing services and solving needs.