Ophthalmology unit in South Karelia Central Hospital

Terveystalo is responsible for the operation of the ophthalmology unit in Lappeenranta Central Hospital of the South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote).

Primarily, Terveystalo will provide public service to the patients of the welfare and healthcare area in the central hospital facilities. The unit provides an extensive range of demanding eye surgery services available only in central hospitals as well as emergency and eye laboratory services and services by appointment. The unit is the first central hospital unit in Finland operated by a private company.

The active development of measures has led to faster access to care for patients. The clinical quality of the service is monitored, and it is reported to be good. Terveystalo also provides new, demanding specialist ophthalmological services in Lappeenranta. This allows more patients to be treated close to home, to the benefit of both the individual and society. For the social and health care district, comprehensive outsourcing is cost-effective and predictable.

Outsourcing ensured that the quality of care remained high, access to treatment was as fast as possible and the recruitment of physicians was easier.




Terveystalo's services meet all the healthcare needs of the public sector – to the desired extent, flexibly and cost-effectively.