Terveystalo customers are asked to fill in a basic information and consent form in connection with their first visit to Terveystalo. In the form, customers are asked to consent to storing patient data in a joint register and disclosure of data, to receiving electronic messages related to health and benefits and to using the health data for the purpose of informing and reminders. You can change and manage the consents in the Oma Terveys (My Health) service and at Terveystalo clinics.

Patient data

Customers’ patient data is stored in a centralised register maintained by Terveystalo, the independent practitioners working as health care professionals at Terveystalo and companies for and on behalf of which the independent practitioners work. In occupational health services, patient data is stored in an occupational health register, where the information is available to the occupational health staff participating in the customer’s care.

Customers are asked to consent to the storing of private practice patient data in Terveystalo’s shared register and disclosure of patient data between health care professionals participating in their care at Terveystalo. Information can be disclosed only if the treatment relationship so requires. If the customer does not consent, other health care professionals participating in the care of the patient at Terveystalo cannot access the private practice patient data. Customers can benefit from a joint register if they use several different services or have appointments with different professionals. If the customer consents to the joint register, health care professionals can access up-to-date information about their treatment to make treatment decisions based on appropriate, correct and up-to-date information.

Customers are also asked to consent to displaying their information in connection with private customer visits, when necessary. In occupational health services, information is always stored in the occupational health register and this information is visible to people involved in providing occupational health services. Customers can also separately agree to keep information regarding a single visit confidential.


Communication, notices and marketing

Customers are asked for a separate consent to receive electronic messages based on their health status information. Based on this consent, customers can, in addition to contacts based on their treatment plan, receive reminders and information about services (e.g. clinical trials) that are suitable for them based on their patient data, or reminders about vaccinations. Consent to oral health recall messages is asked separately at the appointment.

In addition, we ask the customers for consent to receive electronic messages about health and well-being as well as benefits. Based on this consent, customers may receive information about current topics related to health and well-being as well as about Terveystalo’s and its partners’ offers.

The above consents are not required for messages related to the services provided to a customer at Terveystalo, such as reminders about scheduled appointments. The customer can, however, opt to reject such messages by contacting our customer service.


Withdrawal of consent

Customers may withdraw their consent for the processing of personal data at any time through the Omat tiedot (My profile) section of the Oma Terveys (My Health) service or at one of our clinics. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

You can read more about the processing of personal data here or ask our staff for more information.


Biobank consent

A customer can give and withdraw biobank consent in accordance with the following instructions, read more here (in Finnish):

Read more about the biobank’s processing of personal data here (in Finnish).