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Human Efficiency Coaching for Supervisors

Learn to build a healthier, more efficient organization by integrating efficiency with humanity. During coaching, you get to develop your skills as a supervisor and learn to improve your organization’s ability to function with the help of our expert team specialized in organizational psychology.

Coaching for human efficiency

A healthy and efficient organization needs comprehensive insight into its current situation and the ability to look to the future. We help you comprehensively analyze your organization’s operations from various viewpoints, identify the necessary changes and implement the changes in a functional manner. A humanely efficient organization combines both operational efficiency and humanity. Operational efficiency means that the goals, responsibilities and structures are clear. Human efficiency means that people’s psychological needs, such as a sense of community, trust, motivation, emotions and the feeling of meaningful work are taken into consideration. We help your company or organization find the right balance between operational and human efficiency.

Content of the coaching


  • How to combine human and operational efficiency in the work of supervisors?
  • How do the coaching process and the virtual learning platform work?

1. Trust

  • How can a supervisor promote psychological safety and mutual trust in the work community?

2. Motivation and meaningfulness

  • What motivates people?
  • What makes work feel meaningful?
  • How to promote it through leadership?

3. Community

  • How can the supervisor maintain a sense of community and promote wise interaction?

4. Emotions

  • Why is it important to examine the emotional climate of the community? ​
  • How to understand emotions as something that guides our actions?

5. Identity

  • How does a shared identity affect our ways of working?
  • How can a supervisor promote the professional identity of the members of the work community?

During the pandemic, the importance of leadership has become even more pronounced. The coaching genuinely served our needs. The coaches were inspiring and well-informed. We noticed that people’s questions about leadership were very similar, regardless of field or industry.

Christian Lindholm, Director of the Unit for Human Resources Development and Occupational Wellbeing, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

The Coaching Team

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