Human efficiency

Human Efficiency Coaching for Experts

The popular Human Efficiency Coaching program is now also available for experts! Human Efficiency Coaching for Experts increases the expert’s understanding and knowledge of humanely efficient work and provides tools for successful expert work. The coaching focuses on the expert’s individual work and their role as a member of the work community. The coaching is suitable for experts representing different fields of expertise.

Human efficiency – the key to survival in the ever-changing world of work

Experts are required to adopt new skills in the continuously changing world of work. In addition to professional skills and knowledge of the process, target-oriented experts must be familiar with the humane characteristics of work in order to be productive. They must know how to interact efficiently as well as manage and understand emotions of themselves and others. They must also be able to build motivation, emphasize the significance of work, and promote a sense of community for themselves and others, both in remote and in-person work. Many experts find these challenges stressful, and they would like to have more tools to succeed in their work.

This coaching program aims to significantly expand experts’ understanding and knowledge of human efficiency in expert work and to provide tools for the development of these skills in the work community.

The benefits of the coaching

Content of the coaching


  • How to combine human and operational efficiency in the work of experts?
  • How do the coaching process and the virtual learning platform work?

1. Trust

  • How can an expert promote psychological safety and mutual trust in my own work and in the work community?

2. Motivation and meaningfulness

  • As an expert, how can I strengthen motivation and the sense of meaningfulness in my own work?

3. Community

  • How can an expert maintain a sense of community and promote wise interaction?

4. Emotions

  • Why is it important to examine the emotional climate of the community in expert work? ‚Äč
  • How to understand emotions as something that guides our actions?

5. Identity

  • How does a shared identity affect our ways of working?
  • How can an expert promote the professional identity of the members of the work community and the professional group?

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