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Substance abuse at the workplace – coaching for supervisors

The online coaching on substance abuse problems at the workplace provides supervisors with information and practical tools for identifying substance abuse problems, talking about them and taking measures at an early stage. Supervisors receive general information on substance abuse and substance abuse treatment in the form of video lectures. The coaching is suitable for supervisors of organizations of all sizes, and it can be completed at your own pace.

Is your organization aware of the impact of substance abuse problems?.

Is your organization aware of the impact of substance abuse problems?

Substance abuse problems pose a significant risk to work ability and occupational safety and are estimated to account for up to 7% of all sickness absences. According to studies, 500,000 Finns are risk users of alcohol and 70% of those addicted to alcohol are employed. Supervisors often find it difficult to speak up about employees’ potential substance abuse problems, which is why they are not addressed in time. 

Tools for the supervisor

The coaching is suited for supervisors of workplaces of all sizes.

General information about the coaching

Method: video lectures
Amount of work: 2 hours (4 x 30 min)
Start: at any time, at one’s own pace
Price: EUR 100 + VAT. Ask for a quote for more than 15 participants

Did you know?

In our extensive selection, you can find more in-depth workshops and lectures on the subject for your supervisors!

Benefits of the coaching

  • Supervisors learn the basics of referral for treatment and practical implementation
  • Supervisors learn to recognize the early signs of substance abuse in working life
  • People at the workplace know how important it is to bring up substance abuse problems and take measures at an early stage
  • People at the workplace know what to do if an employee is suspected of substance abuse or is intoxicated at the workplace
  • People at the workplace know how to prevent substance abuse risks to occupational safety and productivity

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Content of the coaching

Different types of substances and substance addiction

The lecture covers which measures to take when suspecting a substance abuse problem. Duration: 30 min.

Substance abuse and work, substance abuse treatment

The lecture focuses on the manifestation of substance abuse in working life and the treatment of substance abuse problems. Duration: 30 min.

Intervention in substance abuse issues: How do I express my concern?

The lecture covers instructions on how to address substance abuse problems. Duration: 30 min.

What to do if a supervisor suspects that an employee has a substance abuse problem + Final exam

The lecture deals with various substances and the identification of substance abuse problems. Duration: 30 min.

Addressing substance abuse is always beneficial. Addressing substance abuse at the workplace serves as an extremely strong intervention.

Occupational Health Psychologist Sanna Eronen


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Päihteet ja työelämä.

Substance abuse and working life

What is your organization’s cultural attitude toward the use of alcohol and other substances? Do HR and supervisors have the awareness and tools for early intervention and supporting the employee when a need for help arises? Use the Substance abuse checklist to identify and discuss the problem.

Esihenkilöt päihdeongelmien tunnistamisessa. Article

Supervisors play a key role in identifying substance abuse problems

Alcohol is a legal intoxicant used by the majority of Finns. In principle, the employer does not have the right to interfere in the leisure activities of its staff, but in situations where the use of intoxicants during free time affects work, intervening is justified. It is the supervisors’ responsibility to not hesitate to ask questions if they are concerned about an employee's behavior. According to Sanna Eronen, Chief Occupational Health Psychologist at Terveystalo, it is respectful and caring to be open and direct about an issue, but intervening in another person’s behavior is something that most people prefer to avoid. Even though speaking up is difficult, postponing the discussion poses a much greater risk.

Päihdeongelmat työympäristössä – näihin tulee aina tarttua matalalla kynnyksellä. Article

Addressing substance abuse problems in the working environment – the earlier, the better

Substance abuse problems are relatively common. Various studies show that as many as about 50% of working-age men and about 25% of women consume too much alcohol. As many as 70% of those addicted to alcohol are employed. It is the employer's responsibility to intervene if there is reason to suspect that an employee has a substance abuse problem that affects their work. Intervention is important, not only for the well-being of the individual but also from an organizational point of view; heavy alcohol consumption increases sickness absences, contributes to the risk of disability retirement and unemployment and reduces the productivity of work.