Mielen ja kehon hyvinvointi kriisitilanteissa - miten huolehtia jaksamisesta

Taking care of yourself in a crisis

The war Russia started against Ukraine is shattering our sense of security and understandably raising concern, which is evident both at home and in work communities. We want to do our part to help you cope in the crisis. On this page, we have collected material you can use to process the crisis situation in your company. Our multidisciplinary occupational health team is also there to support as usual, and the occupational psychologist assigned to your organization is available to support the personnel and the supervisors. Low-threshold digital services for mental well-being, Mielen Chat and Mielen Sparri, are a channel that provides almost instant help to the personnel.

When the mind is under pressure or otherwise facing hard times

  • Calm yourself - breath, put your feet on the ground
  • Trust in resilience. This too - shall pass
  • There is always hope
  • Don't be afraid of emotions or feelings - even when they are uncomfortable
  • Be nice and gentle to yourself - self compassion, use soothing inner speech
  • Do something nice and be aware when doing it
  • Rest, exercise, have a good night sleep and eat regularly
  • When you feel better, notice it, savour it and remember it

Supervisors are the ones we lean on in a crisis situation

  • A crisis situation emphasizes the importance of good supervisor work. In a confusing and frightening situation, people look to authority figures: the management and supervisors.
  • Maintaining continuity is an essential part of management. Continuity creates hope, which is critical. Keeping to your daily routines brings a sense of security to people.
  • One important task of the management is to offer the personnel a chance to analyze the situation together. People need to consider together what the war in Ukraine means for their organization.
  • We recommend being particularly sensitive to messages coming from the personnel. People will react in different ways to the war in Ukraine. While people mostly cope well, the mental strain can become too much. In that case, it is important to refer the person to professional help without undue delay.
  • It is particularly important for supervisors to look after their mental well-being. When you take care of yourself, you have the strength to help others.
  • Terveystalo occupational psychology services and Fokus Mieli, a special unit for mental well-being, are there to support the workplace.

Support in a crisis

When something shocking happens a variety of emotions and reactions arise in people. Some of them may seem difficult to endure and, if prolonged, may even threaten your ability to work. An occupational health psychologist, psychologist, or psychotherapist supports employees and work communities in crisis situations by providing support to individuals and groups, as appropriate.

The emergency telephone is
available 24/7 at 030 633 9626

Supervisors can call a crisis phone for quick crisis assistance at the workplace. The service is answered by a healthcare professional who gives the necessary instructions to the caller and forwards the information to the occupational health team. The occupational health team will contact the client no later than the next working day and agree on how and when the crisis support will be implemented.

  • The emergency telephone is available 24/7.
  • The price of the call is 12 euros / call (non-Kela reimbursable).