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Solutions for creating healthy workplaces

Solutions for creating healthy workplaces – from individuals to the organizational level

A healthy workplace is not created by chance, but through planning. Increased workload from professional and personal life manifests as sick leaves. Although treating the symptoms may resolve acute issues, a healthier work environment is built on a more sustainable foundation by focusing on the sources of the workload. To achieve the most effective results, we must proactively solve these root causes that threaten the workplace. As a partner in the workplace, we help prioritize what is most important.

Anticipation through the most important

Our working life solutions tackle the factors that burden your work community, from individuals to the organizational level, where it has the most impact.

Services for mental well-being

Services for mental well-being

The challenges of our time can be seen as growing mental health symptoms. Acute care is the most important thing for those who need it, and the easier help is available, the earlier problems can be tackled and work ability supported without even the first sick leave.

Physical work ability.

Physical work ability

According to the Finnish Centre of Pensions, musculoskeletal disorders are the most common reason for being on a disability pension. Maintaining physical ability to work as the working-age population ages requires a planned and proactive approach.

Work ability coaching.

Work ability coaching

Extending working careers is an essential goal in terms of individual well-being, organizational performance and society. Changed work requires new skills, and when an employee's strengths and skills are identified, it is possible to create a more sustainable career path for them. Our work ability coaches also support the company's HR functions by helping to identify work ability risks.

Management and work community development.

Management and work community development

Mental health challenges are a growing risk of work ability, but when the acute situation is under control, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture, from the reformulation of work to the management of the work ability, humanity and culture of the organization, which achieve the most far-reaching and preventive solutions.

Consultation for work ability management.

Consultation for work ability management

Only with knowledge you increase health. The most effective work ability management needs a plan based on information to support it, so that measures can be targeted where they have the most impact.

Organizational psychology.

Organizational psychology

An organization works efficiently when it takes into account both operational and human efficiency in its operations. As professionals in organizational psychology, we release the human potential of your organization for the growth of your business.

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No amount of therapy is enough if the work-related causes are not resolved

For work to produce well-being for its creators, the work community must be taken care of. Sari Nuikki, senior occupational health psychologist at Terveystalo, explains what supervisors can do to ensure a healthy working life.

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Mental ill-health is rapidly increasing in working life - early intervention is part of a strong corporate culture

Sick leave and disability caused by mental health problems have increased rapidly. It is becoming increasingly important for employers to take preventive action to take care of the mental health of their employees.

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Mental health-related sickness absences decreased significantly thanks to brief psychotherapy provided by occupational health services

The number of mental health-related sickness absences of Terveystalo’s occupational health customers decreased by approximately 40% as employees were offered brief psychotherapy as part of their occupational health care. This can be seen in the Terveystalo survey which monitored occupational health care customers' brief psychotherapy appointments and prescribed sickness absences between 2000 and 2022.

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Low-threshold mental health services for better work ability

Mental health absenteeism among staff in the ELY Centres, TE Offices and KEHA Centre had increased and there was a need to address this risk quickly. Solutions to manage the mental stress of staff were sought through low-threshold mental wellbeing services and brief psychotherapy in occupational health, and the importance of mental wellbeing was emphasised internally in the organisational culture. Low-threshold wellbeing services are now well established, easy to find and with positive user experiences. In addition, there was a significant reduction in psychological symptoms among participants in brief psychotherapy and a corresponding increase in perceived psychological well-being.