Help with technical challenges Terveystalo website

Problems with sound, image or microphone

  • In case of problems with sound or image, it often helps when the professional re-establishes the video connection. You can ask the professional to do so. Please make sure that the sound is on and there is no cover in front of the camera.
  • When using our online service, you can check or change the default camera, loudspeaker and/or microphone any time after you have approved the request to start a video chat. To display the settings, click on the gear icon on the left side. Select the camera/microphone/sound device you want to use from the drop-down menu and click Sulje (Close).
  • When using Bluetooth headphones or microphone, it may help to disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth connection.

Unable to log in

  • Our services require strong identification. You must identify either with your bank identifiers or mobile ID. Every now and then, individual banks may experience temporary problems with logging in or mobile identification. If possible, we recommend trying other means of logging in, for example, using bank identifiers of another bank. Usually, you can find more information about the duration of the interruption on the websites of individual banks or on Telia’s mobile identification page.

Not able to connect to the appointment

  • If you see queue status information after joining an appointment, the connection was probably established successfully. Even if there is no queue, please wait patiently. Sometimes the previous appointment can be delayed.
  • When using our online service, please make sure you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. If the browser has not been updated for a while, you may need to update the browser.
  • Sometimes devices provided by an employer have a VPN connection, firewall or antivirus software which prevents you from establishing a connection to the remote appointment. In that case, you can try to allow the connection separately or close the VPN connection for the duration of the appointment. You can also try to join the appointment using another device. You can join a video appointment throughout the appointment.