Driving licence certificates written in Terveystalo electronically to Traficom

From 2023, sickness absence certificates written at Terveystalo have been sent directly to Kela electronically. The experience with the electronic transfer of data has been positive, as the up-to-date nature of the data has made it easier for employers to use the Kela service. A similar functionality has now been developed for driving licence certificates, which will be transferred electronically to Kela's service where Traficom can obtain them from 12 February 2024.

Driving licence certificates issued before Gebruary 12th cannot be submitted electronically retroactively. Unlike sickness absence certificates, statements of fitness to drive will not be transferred to the Terveystalo online service or app.

For both certificates written in the occupational health service using data transfer automation, a form service fee of €0.95/each will be charged to cover the transfer costs, which will be reflected on the billing of business customers as of March 2024.

During spring 2024, electronic data transfer will also be introduced for B statements submitted to Kela.