Terveystalo as an investment

Terveystalo is Finland’s leading private healthcare service provider in a growing and structurally attractive market. An extensive network and integrated care chain enable comprehensive service for customers locally and all across Finland. Terveystalo’s customer-oriented business model and corporate culture produce first class services for all customer groups. Terveystalo’s strengths provide it with a number of avenues for growth. Growth can be achieved by 1) capturing market share in a growing market; 2) increasing revenue per customer with adjacent and complementary services; and 3) continued M&A in a fragmented market. By focusing on its core business, healthcare, Terveystalo can attract and retain competent personnel in addition to offering high-quality services for different customer groups.

Terveystalo operates in a growing and attractive market

Ageing population and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases increase the need and demand for healthcare. Private healthcare has an important role in the Finnish system and several factors support growth.

  • 40% of all primary care outpatient visits in Finland are privately provided*, commonly used in all income brackets
  • Four strong and growing customer groups: companies, private insurance, private customers and the public sector. Investing in occupational healthcare more than the minimum required by law is profitable for companies; according to research, occupational healthcare produces an almost sixfold return for the invested capital***
  • instant admittance to treatment in private healthcare: approximately 50% waited more than a week to be admitted for treatment in public healthcare in Helsinki****

*Source: NHG Report;
**Source: KELA;
***Tekemättömän työn vuosikatsaus 2015

****Source: National Institute for Health and Welfare: Odotusajat Suomen julkisessa perusterveydenhuollossa (March 2017).

Terveystalo is a leading private healthcare service provider in Finland

Size brings scale and synergy benefits:
  • Nationwide network and an integrated offer for medical care enable comprehensive customer service
  • As a nationwide company, Terveystalo is a reliable partner that is close to the customers for the public sector and companies operating nationwide
  • Size enables using technology and big data, as well as developing a targeted service offering
  • Centralized mergers & acquisitions bring growth

There are several benefits associated with centralized healthcare:

  • Healthcare is a clear focus area for organizations in the continuous development of expertise, methods and quality
  • Centralizing enables offering services with high added value to customers, as well as attracting and committing skilled healthcare personnel to the Company>

Terveystalo has a customer centric business model and corporate culture that produces high quality service to all customer groups

Digital tools that enable efficient, customer-centric and preventive care and continuous dialogue as well as strengthen the customer’s commitment

Executive Team, personnel and culture that have demonstrated successful development in, for instance:

  • Mergers & acquisitions and investments
  • Expanding to strategically complementary business area
  • Developing technological solutions that support the nationwide network
  • Optimizing the network and service models to improve efficiency

Due to its strengths, Terveystalo has several paths for growth, such as

  • Through increasing its market share on the growing market
  • Through increasing sales per customer with additional services
  • With acquisitions

In the future, Terveystalo will also have good prerequisites to benefit from the consumers’ freedom of choice, facilitated by the Finnish Healthcare Reform.