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Tips for using the online service

By logging in to our website, you can use our chat or video appointment services, check your laboratory results and edit your own information. You can use our online service on a computer, tablet or phone.

The new online service replaces the old Oma Terveys

Our new service has all the familiar features but is even easier to use: remote appointments, laboratory results, sickness absence certificates, previous appointment information and messages to your occupational health team.

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How to use the online service

Easy appointment booking

Easy appointment booking

  • Book a remote appointment or an appointment at the nearest Terveystalo clinic with the expert of your choice.
  • You can browse available appointments either by service or expert.
  • If Terveystalo is your occupational health service provider, you can easily find your occupational health team from appointment booking.
Remote appointments 24/7

Remote appointments 24/7

  • The chat enables you to contact a physician or a nurse in a flexible way without an appointment. The chat is open for occupational health and private customers every day around the clock.
  • The chat is also an easy way to renew prescriptions and get a referral for a blood test, for example.
  • Video appointments allow you to save time and receive treatment easily, wherever you are. You can book an appointment with any expert anywhere in Finland.
Health information stays stored – by logging in you can see all this

Health information stays stored – by logging in you can see all this

  • Your appointment booking history
  • Patient records by experts from appointments
  • Clear visualization of laboratory results: you can see at glance if the result is within the reference range
  • Prescriptions and vaccinations
  • Sickness absence certificates
  • Referrals

Easy payment

The app is a convenient and safe way to pay for your chat and video appointments. Your payment history is saved for you and, if necessary, you can download receipts for your past payments.

Messages to your occupational health team

Messages to your occupational health team

  • In the Messages section of our online service, you can view your occupational health team experts and send them messages in non-urgent matters.
  • You will typically receive a response within a few days.
  • A message is an easy way to discuss matters after your appointment and ask about vaccinations or examinations.
You can easily use services on behalf of your child

You can easily use services on behalf of your child

In the online service you can add your child's information to your profile. Then you can easily use services on behalf of your child. In our online service, you can book appointments for your child, use the chat service with the child's profile, view the child's lab results, and keep the health information of the whole family in one place.