Processing of Data in Terveystalo-application

We process your personal data in the Terveystalo-application in accordance with our privacy statement. When using the application, Terveystalo (Suomen Terveystalo Oy) also processes your data in the below described manner.

Subject to your consent, the application can use the following features or data from your device to support your treatment or its arrangement:

When talking to a health care professional during a remote appointment, you can use an audio and/or video connection (if you wish, via Bluetooth-enabled devices).

During a remote appointment, you can take photos or videos with the camera on your device or choose to send a photo from your device’s photo gallery and send them to the health care professional to support your treatment. Similarly, you can also take and send photos in other communications with the healthcare provider.

You can view your documents (such as sickness absence certificates, receipts for payments) and download and save them on your device. You can also use the application for accessing text, audio and video files saved in your device and send them to the healthcare professional as part of your communication with the healthcare provider. The application may in such connection temporarily save the files on your device.

After booking an appointment with a health care professional, you can save the appointment information in the calendar on your device.

If you give your explicit consent, the location data from your device may be used when you reserve appointments, in order to be able to offer appointments at our clinics near you.

The application can use the wireless network of your device and process the ID of the associated access point (SSID/BSSID) at the same time in order to optimize the file uploads made by the application.

We store your data in the application only for the duration of your logged-in session.