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Remote services

Our remote services are always there for you. Chat without waiting and have a video appointment conveniently wherever you are. Take care of your health and well-being quickly, easily, and safely.

The Doctor Chat has helped more than a million visitors, and we provide 6,000 video appointments each week.

Should I choose chat, video or telephone appointment?

Chat is the fastest way to contact a physician

  • In our chat you can contact a specialist quickly, whenever and wherever you want, without an appointment. You can ask questions about your health and send photos to support the discussion. You can get instructions for care at home and recommendations for further care. The physician can assess the need and urgency of treatment and prescribe medication. It is also possible to renew prescriptions and review lab results.
  • Doctor chat 24/7 and Nurse chat 24/7 are always available. Other useful remote services are Renewal of a prescription and Paediatricians chat.

Video appointments can be booked in advance

  • Video appointments are very handy when you want to save time and travel. A video appointment is very similar to an in-person appointment. The physician asks questions about your symptoms and background.
  • Video appointments are convenient for resolving issues that do not require a physical examination. For example, skin symptoms, allergies, and previous, recurring health problems can be treated at a video appointment. Also therapy visits or follow-up visits with a familiar specialist can often be booked as video appoitments.
  • Video appointments are subject to advance booking. Video appointments are offered by GPs, specialists, psychologists, dietitians and nurses, from around the country.

Telephone appointment – an alternative for video

  • Telephone appointments are handy when you want to save time and travel. All you need is a phone. A telephone appointment is made to a selected specialist and means the specialist will call you at the appointed time to the number you've given. Telephone appointments are available to our specialists around the country.
  • Telephone appointments can provide help in health issues that do not require a physical examination. Telephone appointments are suitable for, for example, when you want to discuss treatment for an illness that has already been diagnosed or schedule a telephone appointment for a follow-up visit with a familiar specialist. 

Always safe services

To ensure safety, you register in our online services with your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate. Safe authentication is provided by our partner, Telia Finland Oyj.

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