Vaasa - Drive-in

Address: Pitkäkatu 28-30, 65100 Vaasa

Ohje: Drive into the Tammipiha parking garage from Pitkäkatu. The Drive-in testing station is on level 2 of the garage. Turn right after the ramp and drive next to the last parking spots by the building. The area is marked with a sign. Wait for your turn and drive into a designated parking spot when it is your turn.  The garage might be crowded. We recommend that you arrive punctually and give the person before you room to exit the testing station.

Vaasa - indoor

Address: Pitkäkatu 28-30, 65100 Vaasa

Instructions: If you have respiratory symptoms or fever, enter from the 2nd floor. Use the separate door on the left side of the main entrance. The door is marked with a sign. Register at the service desk on the 2nd floor. You will be provided with protective equipment and shown to a separate waiting room.

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