Rauma – indoor testing station

Address: Valtakatu 9-11 (ground floor), 26100 Rauma 

Instructions: COVID-19 testing for people with respiratory tract symptoms is in Terveystalo clinic at Valtakatu 9-11 (ground floor). The entrance is exceptionally from the courtyard. The route is marked with signs. Please notify us of your arrival by sending an SMS. You can also ring the door bell, if necessary. Please wait outside until a nurse comes to get you at the scheduled time.

Rauma - factory maintenance outage / container

Address: Maanpääntie 6, 26100 Rauma

Instructions: Covid sampling takes place in a container located in the Metsä Fiber parking area. Follw the Terveystalo signs along the route to find the location. As you have arrived, register primarily by text message. Arrive punctually close your booked time in front of the container, where the nurse will pick you up for corona sampling.

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