What to do if you have symptoms of respiratory tract infection

If you have symptoms of respiratory infection, like rhinitis, cough or sore throat, you can book an appointment in our remote channels or on site at one of our clinics. Please wear a mask when visiting us on site. You'll find more information, including instructions for Covid-19 testing, on this page.

You can book an appointment to any clinician at Terveystalo on site or a remote appointment (chat, video or telephone appointments) even if you have symptoms of respiratory infection (like rhinitis, cough, sore throat).  If needed, you can also book an appointment to Covid-19 testing. 


What to do you if you suspect having Covid-19 and want to get tested quickly

To get tested, you always need a doctor’s referral and an appointment.

  • Enter your information in our chatbot Terveysbotti and make an appointment with a sample collection point at least half an hour in advance. Our professionals will verify your information. 
  • Walk or drive to the testing point.
  • The estimated time to receive the result is 24 hours in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The response time elsewhere in Finland varies per clinic. Once the result is obtained, you will see it in the Terveystalo app or web services. The time from test to result may vary depending on the city, sample collection time and sample transport. 
  • More information about coronavirus testing at Terveystalo.


What to do if you want to talk to an expert and you suspect or have tested positive on Covid-19 

*Call charges from mobile phones 8,35 cent/call + 19,33 cent/min and from landline network 8,35 cent/call + 3,20 cent/min. Queuing is also subject to charges.


Coronavirus testing locations



  • Terveystalo Iso Omena (Espoo) 
  • Terveystalo Itäkeskus (Helsinki)
  • Terveystalo Leppävaara (Espoo)
  • Terveystalo Kamppi (Helsinki) 
  • Terveystalo Keskuskatu (Helsinki)
  • Terveystalo Myyrmäki (Vantaa) 
  • Terveystalo Redi (Helsinki)
  • Terveystalo Tapiola (Espoo)
  • Terveystalo Tripla (Helsinki)

Muu Uusimaa

  • Terveystalo Hyvinkää
  • Terveystalo Lohja 


  • Terveystalo Lahti  


  • Terveystalo Kouvola 
  • Terveystalo Kotka 


  • Terveystalo Lappeenranta 


  • Terveystalo Kuopio 
  • Terveystalo Varkaus


  • Terveystalo Joensuu 


  • Terveystalo Mikkeli


  • Terveystalo Pori Lääkäritalo 
  • Terveystalo Rauma 


  • Terveystalo Turku Aninkainen
  • Terveystalo Turku Pulssi 
  • Terveystalo Uusikaupunki 


  • Terveystalo Seinäjoki 


  • Terveystalo Forssa 
  • Terveystalo Hämeenlinna 


  • Terveystalo Jyväskylä


  • Terveystalo Tampere (Rautatienkatu) 
  • Terveystalo Nokia 
  • Terveystalo Sastamala
  • Terveystalo Valkeakoski


  • Terveystalo Vaasa 


  • Terveystalo Oulu 


  • Terveystalo Kokkola 


  • Terveystalo Kajaani 


  • Terveystalo Kemi 
  • Terveystalo Rovaniemi
  • Terveystalo Tornio