Way to communicate

Terveystalo's strategic goal is to be a leader in Nordic healthcare, and one of our values is to act as a responsible social reformer for the common good. This also involves responsibility for our communication: we always strive to communicate in a clear and understandable way about the entire healthcare industry and our company, thus promoting societal debate and transparency in issues related to healthcare, medicine and the healthcare business.

Our goal through communication is:

  1. To communicate our company's operations transparently and engage in discussions with our key stakeholders.
  2. To strengthen Terveystalo's corporate and employer image and arouse interest in our experts and services.
  3. To support the company's management and the achievement of strategic goals through internal communication and to strive to build Terveystalo spirit and health care and to manage internal interactions.


Responsibility and principles

Terveystalo's communication is guided by our values: Putting people at the center, Medicine is our compass and For the common good.

We strive for the highest possible quality and target group-based communication through various means and channels of communication. We are active communicators and we understand that all communications have an impact on the company’s reputation. However, we do not comment on business transactions that are confidential or not finalized, rumors, matters of competitors or customers, the content of agreements or the customer's activities in general without the customer's permission.

Terveystalo cherishes patient safety and patient data security in all its activities. We are committed to global ethical guidelines for communications, such as the Athens Code and the Lisbon Treaty, as well as the principles of responsible business in healthcare. Also read Terveystalo's ethical guidelines and disclosure policy.

Practical guidance

Terveystalo's communications are managed and controlled by the company's CEO and Communications department.

All Terveystalo people are communicators in their own role and we encourage them to communicate actively. Numerous Terveystalo experts and practitioners act as the company's important spoke persons and experts towards the media. Everyone who communicates on behalf of Terveystalo is instructed to follow the company's communication guidelines and understand the ethical values ​​related to our operations. Everyone who works at Terveystalo also has a duty to obtain information regarding matters concerning the company and their own work tasks.