Terveystalo in brief

Terveystalo is the largest healthcare service company in Finland

2,7 million appointments with a physician

5,4* million
patient visits

18* clinic-hospitals

The most
employer in the

*Mediuutiset, Employer image survey
for physicians 2013-17

Terveystalo is the largest healthcare service company in Finland. We offer versatile healthcare, occupational healthcare, medical and examination services in 180* clinics around Finland. Our customers include private individuals, companies and communities, insurance companies and the public sector. Nearly 9,000* healthcare professionals work at Terveystalo.

We bear our share of responsibility for Finland and the Finns. We are committed to follow the principles of responsible business and the high ethical requirements of healthcare services. We act in compliance with Finnish laws and regulations and pay tax to Finland. In 2016, Terveystalo's tax footprint totaled EUR 79.2 million. Of this, taxes comprised over EUR 14.5 million
We want to be extensively involved in developing healthcare in Finland and promoting the well-being of the Finnish people. In 2016, Terveystalo invested more than EUR 25.9 million in developing Finnish healthcare services. As the leading national producer of occupational healthcare services in Finland, we provide occupational healthcare services for a half million Finnish people. Read more about Terveystalo as a corporate citizen.

Terveystalo was listed on October 13, 2017 on Nasdaq Helsinki's main list. For more information on Terveystalo as an investment and the company's ownership, see the page www.terveystalo.com/investors

*June 2017, combined with Diacor and Porin Lääkäritalo