Terveystalo – Way to communicate

The strategic target of Terveystalo is to be the leader in the Finnish healthcare and a socially responsible innovator. This essentially involves understanding of and responsibility for the communication of matters related to both the entire branch and the company.
1. The communication policy of Terveystalo aims at making the company's operations transparent and thereby advancing social openness in matters related to both healthcare and medicine and the healthcare service business. Terveystalo also strives to promote national health by distributing and analysing statistical healthcare information contained in its records and systems for socially beneficial purposes.

2. In addition, we want to advance the interaction between the patients and the healthcare personnel by educating our personnel in customer service and communication skills and by developing new channels of communication with the patients.

Terveystalo's internal communications is a management tool supporting achievement of strategic targets. With internal means of communication, we also aim at building collective solidarity among our personnel as well as managing internal interaction and relationships. The target of external communications is to engage in a dialogue with the patients and other stakeholders, reinforce Terveystalo's prominence and employer brand and raise interest towards our specialists and services.

The communication policy of Terveystalo is based on transparency, integrity and interaction. Terveystalo’s values – expertise and caring – guide all communications. We aim at providing extremely high-quality and target group-oriented communications utilising various means and channels of communication in the best possible way. We are proactive communicators and understand that all communication has an impact on the company reputation.

Terveystalo fosters patient safety and patient data security in all of its operations. We are committed to the global code of ethics for communication, such as the Code of Athens and the Lisbon treaty, and follow the standards of Responsible business practices in the healthcare business. Terveystalo will not comment on business transactions that are confidential or incomplete in terms of the company's operations, rumours, competitors' affairs or customerships, contents of contracts, or generally any customer action without the consent of customers.

While the communications in Terveystalo is administered and guided by the company's managing director and the communications unit, all of the specialists and practitioners of Terveystalo act as important spokesmen and content experts for communications. We try to reply to all of the media queries received and provide versatile opportunities for Terveystalo's specialists to represent their own specialist field in the public sphere.

Terveystalo's communications unit develops the possibilities of the personnel to influence and participate in the company's operations and supports the communication skills of the personnel. For example, education and training in social media, copyrights, presentations skills, crisis communications, and other aspects essentially related to communications, are provided to Terveystalo's employees.

All persons communicating on behalf of Terveystalo must follow the company's communication policy and understand the ethical values related to our operations. Every employee of Terveystalo also has an obligation to acquire information in matters related to both the company and his/her own tasks.