Key indicators

Financial key indicators in 2016

Revenue EUR 547 million

EUR 25,9* million invested

Tax footprint EUR 79,2 million

*The investments include EUR 11.7 million of cash financed investments and EUR 5.7 million of investments related to acquisitions
Tax footprint 2012

Tax footprint 2016
Terveystalo Group

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Personnel and clinics

18* clinic-




Around half of Terveystalo’s healthcare professionals are employees of Terveystalo, while the other half are independent practitioners. 

*June 2017, combined with Diacor and Porin Lääkäritalo


2,7 million
appointments with a physician

5,4* million
patient visits

Our customers
include private individuals, companies and communities, insurance companies and the public sector

Approx. 689 000*
occupational healthcare customers, of the almost 1.9 million people in Finland who are covered by occupational health-care arranged by the employer (Kela occupational healthcare statistics 2014)

Approx 23 400*
corporate customers

3,4 million
Finnish patient records in the national electronic medical record (EMR)

*June 2017, combined with Diacor and Porin Lääkäritalo

Service quality


NPS index*


NPS index, clinical services**

*The average recommendation index in Terveystalo 1-12/2016, which is based on 45,000 answers

** The average recommendation index of clinical services in Terveystalo 1-12/2016, which is based on 8 000 answers

Clinical quality








Patient injury notifications*



Surgical site infections**


*in relation to the 2 667 588 appointments with a physician in 2016
**in relation to the number of surgical measures in 2016

Leader in electronic services

Our customers appreciate electronic services

Over 10 million visits to the Terveystalo website in 2016.

Share of appointments booked online of all appointments 60%

Nearly 36% of those visiting the Terveystalo website use a mobile terminal to access the site

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