Our purpose is to fight for a healthier life

Terveystalo is the largest private health care service provider in Finland in terms of revenue and network. Terveystalo is also a leading occupational health provider in the Nordic region. Our vision is to use data and our Nordic expertise to create a world with fewer sick days and more healthy, happy years.

Terveystalo in brief

We offer a wide variety of primary health care, specialized care, and well-being services for corporate and private customers and the public sector. Terveystalo’s digital services are available 24/7, regardless of time and place.

Health and well-being services are also provided by Terveystalo’s approximately 360 clinics across Finland. In Sweden, we offer occupational health services at 120 clinics. We employ directly and indirectly more than 15,500 healthcare professionals.

In 2021 our revenue was EUR 1,155 million. Terveystalo is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and has a predominantly Finnish ownership. Terveystalo’s headquarters is located in Helsinki.

Annual report 2021

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Key figures 2021

Customer visits 8,0 million

Digital appointments 2,0 million

Individual customers 1,3 million

Our strategy

To realize our mission and vision and to support our success, our strategy sets out two key targets for 2021–2025:

  • To be the most profitable private health care operator in the Nordic countries
  • To be the preferred choice of customers and professionals

Key figures 2021

Revenue 1,155 million EUR

Adjusted EBITA 12.2% of revenue

Earnings per share (EPS) 0.63 EUR

Careers at Terveystalo

Terveystalo is ranked as the most attractive employer in the health care and pharmaceutical industry. Among private health care service providers Terveystalo is at the top of its industry. Students in the field have ranked Terveystalo as the industry’s most attractive employer for the eighth consecutive year.

Our career site is currently mainly available in Finnish, but some job applications are also published in English.

Terveystalo 20 years

The year 2021 marked 20 years since Terveystalo was founded. The company started from the vision of four physicians to build a medical clinic network that covers all of Finland. In 2001, Terveystalo had four clinics and employed approximately 60 health care professionals. Today, Terveystalo employs more than 15,500 people.

We have expanded our operations to cover all of Finland, completed over 200 acquisitions and, as our most recent step, expanded internationally, starting from the Swedish occupational health market through the Feelgood acquisition. 

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