Quality and Corporate Responsibility Book 2018

Terveystalon laatu- ja vastuullisuuskirjan kansi

Quality and Corporate
Responsibility Book 2018

Quality and corporate responsibility metrics

Quality and corporate
responsibility metrics

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We are constantly developing our operations

Quality and responsibility guide everything we do. For us this means that we continuously listen to our stakeholders, develop our services, take care of our employees, and invest in treatment quality and management.

Our Quality and Corporate Responsibility Book reports on the results we have achieved in clinical, experienced and operational quality and in responsible business practices. In this book we also talk about our position in society and our goals as a public health services provider. In addition, we describe our role in facilitating the workability management of working-age citizens.

In 2018, we focused on improving the availability of our services, enhancing customer experience, and developing our digital services, preventative services and our quality and responsibility work. For example, we launched Oma Suunnitelma, a digital service created for customers and healthcare professionals to monitor the achievement of jointly set goals. We also established clinical reporting metrics for Terveystalo´s clinical quality management and focused on promoting our personnel’s work, management and wellbeing. Our development procedures have enabled our customer satisfaction to improve even further and our personnel´s job satisfaction to reach an excellent level.

Our renewed mission—we are fighting for a healthier life—guides everything we do.

Key figures for 2018

million physician visits in 2018
of all physician visits in Finland
of employees are satisfied with Terveystalo as a workplace

Quality and effectiveness is the core of our business

Quality and effective is the core of our business

For us at Terveystalo, quality is a matter of honor. It guides everything we do. We have divided the concept of quality into three different sections. We monitor and develop all areas of quality equally.

The quality and effectiveness of our services is an important part of our responsible operations. By developing a high quality of treatment and the effectiveness of our services, we improve our customers’ service experience and effectiveness of care. With our work we boost the wellbeing of all Finns and that of Finnish society. In addition to quality care, our corporate responsibility focuses on the wellbeing of our employees, our societal impact and good governance.

We have divided the concept of quality into three equally important sectors.

Customer experience and quality – Superior customer experience
A customer´s experience is always individual and develops with every encounter. It is important to us that customers receive the care they need without delay and they are encouraged to make choices that promote their wellbeing.

Clinical quality – measurable effectiveness
Correct and effective treatment is at the core of our work. We monitor and measure our work and continuously compare the treatment we administer with indicators such as Current Care Guidelines and Terveystalo’s control groups. Our high-quality healthcare promotes our customers’ quality of life and their ability to work.

Operational quality – smoothly efficient
Streamlined processes ensure the smart allocation of resources and reliability of operations. Our customers can always trust the quality of our care and treatment as well as the efficiency and safety of our services.

Fully functioning indicators are essential for developing our quality and operations. We believe in being transparent with our results. We are also constantly developing our measurement systems for even better results. We are able to develop our operations only with valid measurements.



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