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Towards a humanely efficient organization

People are more complex than organizational charts and their needs cannot be fulfilled with simple goals, structures and responsibilities. Today’s work community must also consider factors such as a sense of community, trust, motivation, emotions and meaningfulness. This is an equation we call humane efficiency. As professionals of organizational psychology, we will transform your organization’s human potential into business growth, helping you identify challenges, find development needs and follow through with making the changes part of the daily operations of your organization.

Aiming for a healthy and humanely efficient organization

A healthy and efficient organization needs comprehensive insight into its current situation and the ability to look to the future. We help you comprehensively analyze your organization’s operations from various viewpoints, identify the necessary changes and implement the changes in a functional manner. A humanely efficient organization combines both operational efficiency and humanity. Operational efficiency means that the goals, responsibilities and structures are clear. Humane efficiency means that people’s psychological needs, such as a sense of community, trust, motivation, emotions and the feeling of meaningful work are taken into consideration. We help your company or organization find the right balance between operational and humane efficiency.

Solving organizations’ development issues together

Humane efficiency can be achieved by solving critical problems by means of psychology and the best business practices.

Why invest in humane efficiency?

  • Growth in profitability: operational and humane efficiency are closely interconnected in organizations. Internal quality and performance are the starting point for the personnel’s well-being and, as a result, for profitability and the added value produced for the customers. On the other hand, internal quality cannot be reached unless people are committed and motivated to follow the shared practices and processes. The development of an organization’s functional capacity is based on better integration of operational and humane efficiency.
  • Successful organizational changes: most of the organizational changes do not reach their goals. Organizational changes do not fail because the plans for change projects are unclear but because the organization has failed to sufficiently consider the human factors. When the leadership is targeted not only at operational matters but also at people, the goals of the changes can be reached.
  • Growth of human well-being: when the basic psychological needs are taken into consideration, people are happy and healthy and have energy for their work. The employees have the opportunity to do their job well and bring their own input to the work community and its well-being. Creativity and problem-solving skills flourish.
  • Enhanced recruitment and commitment: as the competition for the best experts gets tough on the labor market, organizations must increasingly invest in the improvement of humane efficiency to increase retention in current employees and attract potential employees in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

Some of the best methods of organizational psychology used in our services

  • Organizational case formulation helps focus on the right things.
  • Field & Forum practice is an effective means of teaching skills and putting them to permanent practice.
  • Building the change into a story helps understand the different phases of the change in a concrete manner and process any worries and uncertainties related to the change.
  • Observations enable quick, low-threshold interventions.
  • Individual coaching and therapy offer individual assistance as part of a more extensive change project.
  • Personality and working style indicators allow people to increase their mutual understanding and manage more purposeful operations.

Support from experts of organizational psychology and business

Why choose Terveystalo’s humane efficiency services?

Humane Efficiency Coaching for Supervisors

Learn to build a healthier, more efficient organization by integrating efficiency with humanity. During coaching, you get to develop your skills as a supervisor and learn to improve your organization’s ability to function with the help of our expert team specialized in organizational psychology.

Transform the humane efficiency of your organization into a competitive advantage.

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